Jin Hae-seong, Song So-hee, and Oh Yu-jin appear as camping friends in ‘Nationwide Cooking Trip’

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

“Audition Program Experts” Jin Hae-sung, Song So-hee and Oh Yu-jin visit “National Defense Cook Cook,” putting the actor team and the player team on alert.

Jin Hae-sung, Song So-hee and Oh Yu-jin will appear as their ninth camping friends in the ninth episode of MBN entertainment show “Nationwide Cooking Trip”, which will air at 5:50 p.m. on June 5 (Saturday). Actors Cha Tae-hyun, Jang Hyuk, Lee Sang-yeop and sports players Hyun Joo-yeop, Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Tae-kyun are surprised by the appearance of 13-year-old Oh Yu-jin.

The ninth kitchen is Yangpyeong, a clean ecological town where the Namhangang River and Bukhangang River meet, and “National Cook Trip” members will have a fierce battle under the theme of “Cooking a cart bar.”
When the word “packing wagon” is released, the members expect their camping friends to be older and prepare food.

However, Jin Hae-sung, Song So-hee and 13-year-old Oh Yu-jin appear, and the youngest Oh Yu-jin’s taste buds hold the key to victory.

Oh Yu-jin, who was so expected by everyone, makes both team members nervous with honest tasting comments that are not like 13 years old. When one of the members of “Bangbang Cook” recommended him to eat with vegetables, Oh Yu-jin said, “I don’t like green color…”, expressing his honest refusal without any additional words, calling for laughter.

Song So-hee reveals the background of her birth as a “kakak girl.” It reveals the behind-the-scenes story related to “National Singing Contest,” which is the highest peak of the audition program, and shyly shows fan sentiment to one of the members of “Bangbang Cook,” making the main character’s shoulders go up to the top. It raises questions about who this person might be related to Song So-hee’s recent hobby.

In addition, Jin Hae-sung attributes the biggest credit to broadcaster Jo Se-ho for winning the trot audition program. Cho Se-ho’s words, which shook his mind even hesitating to participate in the audition, raise questions about the inside story.

In addition, Jin Hae-sung’s “Those Days” stage, which was trot busking in Hongdae to let people know in the early stages of his debut, will be broadcasted in the ninth episode of “Bang Bang Cook,” which will air Song So-hee and Oh Yu-jin’s various eating shows, cider tasting reviews, and today’s various life stories.

Meanwhile, MBN’s “Nationwide Cooking Trip” is a program in which romantic diners commissioned by their best friends in the entertainment industry visit specialties all over the country to treat them to a customized meal.


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