‘Kingdom’ final episode, 150-minute special live broadcast… Who is the owner of the throne?

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

“Kingdom: Legendary War” (hereinafter referred to as “Kingdom”) is finally set to compete only in the final. The final episode of Mnet’s “Kingdom,” which will air from today (3rd), will be broadcast live for about 150 minutes. Six artists, BTOB, iKON, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ, took the place of K-pop King and pointed out the points to watch in the final episode, which will burn their last passion.

#Performance to decorate the final! New song performance will be revealed for the first time!

The final song of the six artists, which was first released as a music source, has been receiving enthusiastic responses as it stands out not only on domestic music sites but also on global music charts.

It raises the question of what kind of spectacular sights and performances the six teams will pour on the stage with these songs that make your heart race.

BTOB’s HOT to invite BTOB to their passion and pride for music: “Show And Prove” to invite BTOB to their music, “Fine to Love” to enjoy the freedom of everyday icons, “ATEEZE” to breathless darkness, SF9’s “Believer”, “Road to Kingdom”.

#Only in the Kingdom! From “Growth” to “Harmony” specials.

The six artists, who made their debuts, ages, and colors, have achieved musical growth through intense journeys. Sometimes they cry with regret and sometimes laugh with joy, and each member who has been running has a meaning in their hearts, and on this day’s broadcast, they confess their sincere feelings and gratitude as they perform “Kingdom.”

In addition, a special stage where each of the six teams sings in one team will be unveiled. Showing another harmony of harmony through the new song “The Diary of a Boy,” which contains a message to repay fans’ love. Above all, it makes the show even more memorable in that it is the first and last stage to be released in the live final of “Kingdom.”

#WHOIST THE KING? Watch the new king who will become a legend!

Six artists created a total of 30 legendary stages, including the first face-to-face meeting, the first contest, the second contest, and the third contest, which took place in two rounds. In addition, each announcement of the rankings produced unpredictable results, making it impossible to let go of the tension until the end.

While everyone’s attention is focused on what will happen, the global evaluation will be conducted together in this live broadcast, drawing more attention. In Korea, you can vote by text message, and in other countries, you can vote through the global app Hoospan, and you can only vote for one team. On top of that, the third contest’s video view evaluation, global evaluation, and the new song chart evaluation, which was compiled by June 1st after the release of the song, will be added, and the owner of the throne will finally be revealed.

Meanwhile, the final episode of “Kingdom” will be broadcast live globally through the Mnet K-POP YouTube channel. Until now, “Kingdom” has attracted keen attention among fans around the world beyond Korea, with a total of more than 295 million views of digital clips, pouring out legendary stages of six artists that are only available in “Kingdom.” As K-POP is gaining popularity around the world, live broadcasting will allow us to share the final journey of “Kingdom” with global K-pop fans. In some areas including South Korea, people can watch the final live broadcast through Mnet.



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