LAM, today (3rd) comeback as a refreshing idol… Sechs Kies ‘Couple’ remake

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

The group LAM is making a comeback.

LAM is back with the remake single ‘Couple’ today (3rd). ‘Couple’ is a song that expresses the excitement of a man who begins to fall in love. It is a representative song of Sechs Kies that has been loved since its release in 1998.

In particular, LAM’s ‘Couple’ has been arranged in a refreshing and exciting atmosphere, and LAM’s refreshing vocals are added, so you can feel a different charm from the original song.

In addition, the team that worked on the original song, such as Jang Dae-seong, Ma Kyung-sik, and Kim Hyun-ah, worked together again and directed the production. In addition, composer Wi Jong-soo, who composed Cool’s ‘Aroha’, etc., participated in the arrangement to enhance the song’s perfection.

LAM, who expressed a bold image of running for only one woman through ‘I want you’ in 2019, released a single ‘Couple’ after 1 year and 8 months, showing a different side full of excitement with a refreshing charm that goes well with early summer. predicted

LAM is a 5-member boy group consisting of Domo, Shiryu, Woohyuk, Mingyu, and Joha. After the release of ‘I Want You’ in October 2019, LAM has been a rising Hallyu idol who has shown stable live skills through numerous performances and fan meetings in Korea and abroad. evolved into

On the other hand, LAM will release the remake single ‘Couple’ on the 3rd today and will be active starting with the appearance on ‘M Countdown’.

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