Lee Tae-bin X Choi Ye-bin “I get a lot of cursing as a villain” (‘Penthouse 3’ Hidden Room)

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young]

‘Penthouse 3’ Lee Tae-bin and Choi Ye-bin talked about the struggles of the villain.

In the SBS ‘Penthouse 3 Hidden Room: The Beginning of the End’ broadcasted on the 2nd, the five Hera Palace Kids, Kim Hyun-soo, Kim Young-dae, Han Ji-hyun, Choi Ye-bin, and Lee Tae-bin appeared.

On this day, MC Jo Jung-sik asked Lee Tae-bin, who played the role of Lee Min-hyuk, “in the last interview, I said it was difficult because I was swearing a lot.”

When Lee Tae-bin replied, “After the ‘Penthouse Season 2 Special’ broadcast went out, there were a lot of people cheering for me.”

Choi Ye-bin, who played Ha Eun-byeol, said, “I was also cursed because there were a lot of scenes that bothered me. Also, there were people who hated that part without being crazy alone (there are many acting scenes).”

When MC Jang Do-yeon asked, “How do you feel (if you receive malicious comments)?” Choi Ye-bin smiled brightly even though she said, “I am upset.”

Jang Do-yeon, who saw this, said, “I think Ye-bin will laugh when he sees malicious comments,” drawing sympathy.


photo| Captured from SBS ‘Penthouse Season 3 Special’
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