‘Loud’ Psy “Singularity becomes special after 20 years… Find the inner uniqueness”

Loud. Provided by SBS

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Park Se-yeon]

Singer and producer Psy said that the uniqueness has accumulated for 20 years and has become special.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, an online production presentation for SBS’ new entertainment program ‘LOUD’ (directed by Lee Hwan-jin et al.) was held.

“Loud” is a 2021 Worldwide Boy Group project in which JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin-young and P NATION’s head Psy meet with SBS’s “K-pop Star” production team to create two next-generation boy groups to represent each company.

On this day, Park Jin-young said, “I keep planning and producing idol singers, and I keep thinking about what the next idol should be like.” He said, “Because there are so many idols, I wonder why they exist in the next generation, and what I finally concluded was that in the old days, companies could wrap up singers’ abilities.” But now, as the number of one-person media increases, I can’t hide my personality and ability.”

“Now we have to find the real thing,” Park said. “I wondered if what he said and what he wanted to express could be consistent with what he said and if there was anything inside,” he said. “A friend who is quiet on the outside, but has too much to say inside, and they can lead the next K-pop boy band.” “I’m looking for a friend who can say this much when I open my mouth.”

Psy also said, “I very much agree. Looking back on when I worked as Park Jae-sang, a professional singer who has produced Psy for 20 years, I asked, “Why isn’t there such a thing?I think I’ve been looking for it fiercely. What’s wrong with you? Why is it always like this?I used to look for ‘.” “Since K-pop is so high in status, it seems that ‘K-pop is like this’ already exists in other countries.” “But that’s not all, I think I’m looking for special friends when I say, “There’s K-pop like this.”

Psy said in particular, “I was told a lot that I was unusual when I was young. But after 20 years of doing something unusual, it seems to be special. I’m personally trying to find a friend who is unique.


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