“Please issue a visa”… Steve Yoo, the first trial of the second lawsuit today (3rd)

Yoo Seung-jun. Photo|Star Today DB

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Yang So-young]

Singer Yoo Seung-jun(American name Steve Seung-jun Yoo, 44) will hold the first trial of the second lawsuit filed on the 3rd to issue a Korean visa. Attention is focusing on whether Yoo Seung-jun, who is restricted from entering South Korea due to controversy over his avoidance of military service, will be able to enter South Korea this time.

The Seoul Administrative Court’s Administrative Department 5 (Chief Judge Chung Sang-kyu) will proceed with the first hearing of Yoo Seung-jun’s lawsuit against the consul general in Los Angeles (LA) to “cancel his refusal to issue passports and visas.” Unlike criminal trials, domestic lawyers appointed by Yoo Seung-jun are expected to attend as litigation representatives because they can proceed without the attendance of the parties.

Yoo Seung-jun acquired U.S. citizenship ahead of his enlistment in 2002 and was banned from entering the country due to controversy over draft dodging. After failing to step on Korean soil for several years, he filed a lawsuit to cancel the visa issuance, claiming that the entry ban was unfair when he applied for an overseas Korean visa (F-4) to enter the country in 2015. The first and second trials judged that they could not be allowed to enter the country due to “decreasing morale of South Korean soldiers” and “concerns over the prevalence of military evasion.”

However, the Supreme Court returned the case to the Seoul High Court, ruling that it was wrong for the Los Angeles consulate to refuse to issue a visa just because it had no discretion at all and had previously been banned from entering the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs disobeyed the retrial and submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court’s decision to boycott the hearing confirmed Yoo Seung-jun’s final victory.

Yoo applied for a visa to the Los Angeles Consulate General in July last year after winning the final lawsuit to revoke the visa issuance, but was rejected.

At the time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “Steve Seung-jun applied to the Los Angeles Consulate General to issue a visa for overseas Koreans.”

Yoo filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Administrative Court on Oct. 5 last year to cancel his refusal to issue a visa. Since then, the controversy has continued on YouTube, with criticism of the Military Manpower Administration and political circles.


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