Singer Ji Soo-yang, a former female fisherman, announces a dance trot ‘Accidental Encounter’

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

Ji Soo-yang, a singer from a female fisherman and a troubled life, announced a high-level dance trot ‘Accidental Encounter’.

This song, which was released as a digital sound source on the 1st, is attracting more attention with the participation of ‘National Chorus’ Kim Hyun-ah and BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ world-class guitarist Lee Tae-wook.

Ji Soo-yang’s new song ‘Accidental Encounter’ is reminiscent of the ‘Gilboard Inkigayo’ that was playing on the streets at that time in the 7080s. The strong dance rhythm of the newtro retro is the highlight.

Kim Hyun-ah’s rich chorus line and Ji Soo-yang’s powerful vocals create a fantastic harmony.

Like the second ‘Amor Party’, the EDM version that makes listeners shake their shoulders with the lyrics to love accidental fate is also interesting.

Ji Soo-yang was born with a talent for singing, but she could not become a singer in the harsh reality, and since her early 20s, she has ridden a fishing boat for 13 years, which men say is difficult. Even while supplying the fish they caught directly from trucks to fish markets, the song never left their mouths. She also raised some money to become a singer.

However, one day, due to a wrong relationship, he blew away the fortune he had prepared to become a singer, and in 2016, he was diagnosed with lymph cancer like a clear blue force, and her body and mind collapsed together.

At that time, there were moments when I tried to make an extreme choice, but my passion for singing revived Ji Soo-yang.

Rather, after fighting the disease with a positive mindset that every day is the best moment, she miraculously recovered her condition.

Today, at the age of irresistibility, Ji Soo-yang met the best song in her life, called ‘Accidental Encounter’.

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