So Yoo-jin, admiring Baek Jong-won, who brews alcohol “I’m serious about makgeolli… Let’s set up a brewery”

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

Baek Jong-won, who is serious about makgeolli, and So Yoo-jin, who is happy with her husband who makes alcohol, were released.

So Yoo-jin posted on Instagram on the 3rd, “A white housewife who is serious about makgeolli. Since December, I have been researching makgeolli without skipping a day. Last night, I was carrying makgeolli for Kim Chang-wan. I also took a bite of that makgeolli… Ha… Let’s set up a brewery!! (Am I so excited)” and released a video.

In the video, Baek Jong-won carefully transfers makgeolli using a ladle. Baek Jong-won said, “I sweat even when I drink alcohol. I do it with energy when I drink alcohol.” Then, for So Yoo-jin, I suggested makgeolli poured in a pretty glass beforehand, and So oo-jin was delighted by saying, “Is it for me?” Then, she admired, “It’s so delicious,” and Baek Jong-won expressed his proud heart by saying, “It’s aged at a low temperature.”

photo| Soyoujin SNS
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