Hong Seok-cheon warned against social media accounts that pretends to him

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young]

Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon asked to be careful of his SNS impersonation.

Hong Seok-cheon posted on his Instagram on the 3rd, “I think he impersonates me and sends me directions and keeps asking for weird things. I hope there’s no damage. Please be careful,” he said, complaining of damage.

“My Instagram account is the only one I’m using now. The account in the picture is an impersonation of me,” he said, leaving a photo of the impersonation account.

In the photo released, the fake account in English says, “To my beloved fan. Thank you so much for your likes and beautiful comments contributing to my official page. That’s why I created a new personal account to express my appreciation.”

Internet users who saw this worried, such as “Always be careful,” “I hope you don’t have any damage,” and “I think you’ll be stressed out.”

Last time comedian Yoo Se-yoon also complained of fraudulent account damage. Yoo Se-yoon said, “I don’t do Facebook, but I have an account that posts like it’s me,” and added, “If you’re watching, please delete it and if you’re not going to delete it, please report it to your followers.” It’s time to pay attention to celebrity impersonation accounts.


photo| Hong Seok-cheon SNS
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