“I will tell you the truth story, soon” Han Ye-seul reveals the 500 million Lamborghini in question

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

Han Ye-seul unveiled a 500 million supercar that she said she was sharing her height, not a gift to her boyfriend.

On the 4th, Han Ye-seul posted a picture of her leaning on a 500 million Lamborghini with a message on her Instagram saying, “I’ll tell you the truth soon.” It is a super car that Han Ye-seul is known to have given while dating her boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae. Han explained earlier that she shared the key.

“It’s a car I gave my boyfriend as a gift. You can see me riding everywhere,” Han Ye-seul said. “My boyfriend doesn’t have a car to move now, so I’m sharing my keys with him so that he can ride comfortably in my other car.”

Regarding her boyfriend’s recent past controversy, Han Ye-seul said, “This friend’s former job was a theater actor and has worked at karaoke. Many people think that the bar and karaoke are the same, but I think karaoke are all open.”

In the meantime, she proudly expressed her position, saying, “I don’t think there’s any honor in my job.”


PhotoㅣHan Ye-seul’s SNS
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