‘Only Without Going Crazy’ Jung Jae-young X Moon So-ri, the fierce survival story of N-year workers

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

“Without Crazy” released posters of Jung Jae-young and Moon So-ri.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Without Going Crazy” (playwright Jeong Do-yoon, director Choi Jung-in), which will premiere at 9 p.m. on the 23rd, unveiled a two-person poster showing Choi Ban-seok (Jㅕng Jae-young) and personnel team leader Dang Ja-young (Moon So-ri). Expectations are high for the Spectacular Adult Office World, which will be portrayed by two acting masters who do not need explanation.

“Without Going Crazy” depicts the fierce survival period of workers in their nth year struggling to survive in a turbulent workplace. From “leaving” and “retirement” that office workers might worry about at least once to “dismissing” where no one can be free, the dizzying survival stories of “jamba” and other “jobs” are expected to give a different level of sympathy. On top of that, the roller coaster-like office life of those who are looking for a round of flip-flop on the downhill of their lives is aimed at a pleasant laugh. Above all, Lee Sang-yeob, including the Moon So-ri, Jung Jae-young, Kim Ga Eun, Park Won-sang, Ahn Nae-sang, Kim Nam-hee actor, to expand the consensus, and chacheonghwa the completeness of play of the party’s up.

While the teaser video, in which the change-of-status skill to survive caused laughter, drew attention, the extreme chemistry between Choi Ban-seok and Dang Ja-young in the poster released on the day is eye-catching. Choi Ban-seok is a person who happened to enter the “world of greeting” where he dances with a knife due to a sudden wave of job cuts. The hand-stained tools in front of the desk gauge his years as a veteran engineer. However, his deluded face, which holds a bunch of files instead of a tool, her sudden landing on the human resources team foreshadows his dark future. Choi Ban-seok, who is on the verge of resetting his long career and efforts. His determination to make a comeback rather than leaving the company unfolds fiercely. The appearance of Choi Ban-seok, who holds top-class secrets in his hands of household appliance workers, makes him look forward to his turbulent office life.

The charisma of Dang Ja-young, the head of the personnel team of work holic, who has a terrible grit, is also interesting. Dang Ja-young, who faced Choi Ban-seok, a 22-year-old developer who had no idea of “personnel” in the personnel team who was promoted to team leader, as his subordinate. His unwavering appearance despite ridiculous situations shows the extraordinary inner workings of social life. The outstanding leadership party Ja-young will unite with Choi Ban-seok, who is too different, in a strategic symbiotic relationship to open a world of sword-dancing personnel. Choi Ban-seok and Dang Ja-young, the “indomitable matchmakers,” add to expectations on how to survive the office jungle, which cannot be endured without being crazy.

The production team of “Without Going Crazy” said, “You can look forward to the chemistry between Jung Jae-young and Moon So-ri, who will realistically portray the hot survival of office workers in their nth year who dream of a thrilling rebellion on the downhill path of life.”

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday mini-series ‘Without Going Crazy’ will premiere at 9 p.m. on the 23rd.


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