Professor Kim Kyung-il, Lee Seung-yoon, Dottie ‘Push and disarm 2’ launched today (4th)

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Shin Young-eun]

tvN will launch “Push and Disarm 2” with Professor Kim Kyung-il, Lee Seung-yoon and Dottie.

“Push and Disarm” is a web entertainment show that finds hidden local stories and was launched in January 2020 and was loved by many for delivering hidden interpretations and stories in attractions and buildings. In season 1, liberal arts architect Professor Yoo Hyun-joon, comedian Lee Seung-yoon of “Nature Man” and 2.4 million YouTubers Dottie gave laughter and healing together with a perfect chemistry.

In Season 2, which will be unveiled on the 4th, cognitive psychologist Kim Kyung-il will join Lee Seung-yoon and Dottie. Professor Kim Kyung-il plans to provide a different kind of fun with psychological interpretation of hidden stories of local attractions. Copy of the program “Let’s leave without a passport” also raises interest in the attractions they will visit. Professor Kim Kyung-il said, “It is a stereotype to travel only if you go far away,” and is expected to attract viewers with various perspectives and stories.

Lee Seung-yoon and Dottie energize with their positive reactions and laughter codes. The two, who have been in a relationship since last season 1, argue and add laughter with a talk that fits well. Expectations are high on what chemistry Professor Kim Kyung-il and the two will bring joy to the new cast of Season 2.

tvND’s “Push and Disarm 2” will be released for the first time on YouTube channel “tvND STUDIO” at 8 p.m. on the 4th.

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