‘All The Butlers’ Chan Chan “Myanmar coup d’etat led a father was killed by gun shot in front of his 7-year-old son”

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

The “All The Butlers” held a debate on the hot issue of the global community to pay attention to in 2021, drawing attention.

According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings survey agency, SBS entertainment program “All The Butlers,” which aired on the 6th, recorded 4.7 percent in the first part, 4.8 percent in the second part, and 5.9 percent in the second part. In particular, “2049 Target Audience,” an indicator of topic and competitiveness, attracted attention as it topped entertainment shows such as KBS2’s “One Night, Two Days” and MBC’s “King of Mask Singer.”

Following last week, the broadcast was followed by heated discussions by young people from all over the world. Young representatives from a total of six countries, from South Korea to the United States, China, Italy, France, and India, drew attention by addressing the three hottest issues in the global community in 2021.

The first issue keyword was ‘retaliation consumption’. In response, Yang Se-hyung, Tyler, Lucky, Ma Kuk-jin and Robin objected, saying, “We have to save money,” while Alberto and Kim Dong-hyun agreed. Kim Dong-hyun said, “Consumption is the vitality of life for the younger generation.” “Even Corona eventually explodes without a work-life balance,” Yang said, while Yang Se-hyung said, “I think we should save money now because we can have a big problem when we need money later in the future without knowing when Corona will end.” Alberto added that some reasonable retaliatory spending is needed, referring to disaster aid. The Global Youth Association then looked into each country’s consumer culture and talked about delivery, drinking culture, and stocks.

The next keyword was the Tokyo Olympics. The members discussed whether it would be possible to host the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed for the first time due to Covid-19. Yuji Hosaka, a Japanese-born professor who naturalized to Korea, delivered the Korona 19 situation in Japan through telephone connection. He explained that despite the serious situation of 6,000 confirmed people a day, athletes are becoming a priority for vaccination, and even the elderly are losing their vaccination ranking. In response, the members had a heated debate on the pros and cons, and Tyler said, “Don’t you think Corona will be sorted out in a year or two? It is not a situation where international events cannot be avoided in the future, so we need to learn how to operate the Olympics,” she said, drawing sympathy from members by suggesting that the Olympic management method suitable for the Pendemic era should be found.

The last keyword of the day was Myanmar. The debate was attended by Myanmar-born author and social influencer Chan-chan as a special guest to deliver vivid testimony. Chan-chan delivered sad news that more than 800 people were killed and more than 5,000 arrested in the bloody crackdown by military and police during the coup. Chan-chan explained, “A seven-year-old girl was so scared to see a military vehicle that she ran away into the house and was shot in front of her father.”
On this day, Chan Chan delivered the brutal reality of the long-running military dictatorship and the coup, which made everyone feel bad.

Lastly, Chan-chan said, “I’m worried about the damage around me, but I personally think that a person abroad like me should speak out,” adding, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect my parents by the side.” On the contrary, I feel guilty because I feel like I’m living well here,” she said, shedding tears, making the members’ eyes red. On this day, “All The Butlers” was a “Global Youth Association” with young representatives from all over the world, giving them a meaningful time to think about the issues of our global community.


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