‘HARD HIT’ starring Cho Woo-jin confirmed for release on the 23rd

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‘HARD HIT’ has released a movie theater viewing campaign that contains the sincerity of actor Cho Woo-jin.

The movie ‘HARD HIT’ has been confirmed to be released on June 23, and is attracting attention by releasing a theater viewing campaign video containing Cho Woo-jin’s sincerity.

‘HARD HIT’ is an urban chase thriller in which the head of a bank center Seong-gyu (Cho Woo-jin) falls into a crisis on the morning of his way to work while his children are going to school, when he receives a questionable call that ‘a bomb explodes as soon as he gets out of the car’.

The released ‘HARD HIT’ theater viewing campaign video contains the sincere feelings that Cho Woo-jin sends to the audience in commemoration of the release confirmation. Cho Woo-jin, who happily announced the theatrical release of ‘HARD HIT’, said, “I hope you can enjoy the thrill and tension that ‘HARD HIT’ provides through the large screen of the theater.” He emphasized that the fun of Yixing and the urban chase thriller will be doubled when it meets the big screen in the theater. Next, Cho Woo-jin expressed his gratitude towards the audience by handwriting a warm greeting saying, “See you at the theater, be healthy.”

The movie ‘HARD HIT’, which is expected to be thrilling and explosive performances by actors Cho Woo-jin, Lee Jae-in, and Ji Chang-wook, will be released on the 23rd.

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Yang So-young]

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