Lee Seung-gi, #1 star whose reputation was tarnished after the report of romantic relationship

Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi was ranked No. 1 in the star list, where rumors of a romantic relationship became rather bad news.

ExcitingDish, run by community portal site DC Inside and taste search company MyCelebs, voted “Who is the star whose romance rumor has become a bad news?” and Lee Seung-gi ranked first. The vote lasted seven days from May 30 to June 5.

Lee Seung-gi, who topped the list with 3,086 votes (53%) out of 5,778 votes, recently admitted his romantic relationship with actor Lee Da-in, saying, “We are in the process of getting to know each other with good feelings.” However, some fans are concerned that Lee Seung-gi’s image will be damaged. As a result, the backlash is strong as much as the interest in the birth of a star couple, such as holding a truck demonstration in front of Lee Seung-gi’s house against romantic relationship.

Seo Ye-ji came in second with 668 votes (12 percent). Seo Ye-ji, who drew attention as rumors of her romantic relationship with Kim Jung-hyun were belatedly known, later led to controversy over her personality, which served as a negative factor for both. Seo Ye-ji, who was suspected of manipulating Kim Jung-hyun to the point of disrupting the filming of the drama, has been embroiled in controversy since then, with other suspicions such as school violence and academic manipulation. At that time, Seo Ye-ji made a public appearance after announcing her position, saying it was different from the truth in all controversies.

Han Ye-seul was selected as the third place with 530 votes (9 percent).
She recently released her boyfriend, who is 10 years younger than her, on social media. Soon after, however, suspicions were immediately raised about her boyfriend as a former male entertainment worker at an entertainment establishment. Han Ye-seul confronts the controversy head-on and publicly responds to the controversy through her agency, SNS, and personal broadcasting.

In addition, EXO’s Chanyeol, BLACKPINK’s Jenni and Kim Jung-hyun followed.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Shin Young-eun]

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