Lim Young-woong, #1 Celebrity Donation Angel of June

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Seong Jeong-eun]

Singers Lim Young-woong, Lee Chan-won, and Youngtak were selected as the 11th donor angels for ‘My Favorite Idol Celebrity’ thanks to the love of their fans.

Celebrity popularity ranking service ‘My Favorite Idol Celeb’ announced on the 7th, “Lim Young-woong, Lee Chan-won, and Youngtak took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places respectively in the total cumulative ranking of actors, singers, and entertainment categories, respectively, and became the 11th donation angel.” It is the result of a vote by fans from May 7th to June 5th.

Lim Young-woong, who received a score of 2998 points and a cumulative score of nearly 3000 points, recently released the second YouTube silver button and expressed his gratitude to the fans. In Lim Young-woong’s YouTube Shorts channel, you can see the image of Lim Young-woong in everyday life. You can see it in a short video.

Lee Chan-won, who was selected as 2nd place with 2947 points, showed the unchanging love of the fandom chance with a ranking that increased by one place compared to last month’s cumulative ranking. Earlier, Lee Chan-won received congratulations from fans by surpassing 10 million views in cumulative video views at the same time as the 1st anniversary of the first OST he sang, ‘Eternal Relationship’.

Youngtak, who was selected as the ‘Miracle of May’ by receiving the highest number of votes among celebrities born in May, set another record by listing his name on the ‘Favorite Idol Celebrity’ donation angel for the first time. Youngtak, who took 3rd place with 2934 points out of 3000 points, drew attention by singing a duet song in ‘Call Center of Love’, revealing his fan love for singer Kim Jung-min.

‘My Favorite Idol Celeb’ selects the 1st to 3rd place stars as donation angels after collecting the total cumulative score including the voting results by the 5th of every month, and proceeds with subway CM board advertisements.

Lim Young-woong, Lee Chan-won, and Youngtak, who were selected as donation angels in June, will donate a total of 1.5 million won to the Milal Welfare Foundation, which is sponsored as a fund for the disabled who are isolated due to COVID-19. Advertisements for Lim Young-woong, Lee Chan-won, and Youngtak can be seen at Express Bus Terminal Station from June 15.

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