Monsta X, ‘Gambler’ immersed in music broadcasting… ‘Class different performance’

MONSTA X made a comeback with the title track “GAMBLER” of its ninth mini-album “One Of A Kind” on the 1st and began its music broadcasting activities.

Starting with KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” on the 4th, MONSTA X will start with MBC’s “Show” on the 5th! “Music Core” and SBS’ “Popular Song” on the 6th had a special comeback stage, covering three terrestrial broadcasters. MONSTA X drew attention by presenting a variety of intro stages using high-quality sets and props for each broadcast.

First of all, MONSTA X, who dressed in black suits and bow ties on “Music Bank,” drew admiration with Jooheon’s bold choreography using tables and sophisticated solo introduction by each member. On stage, MONSTA X showed off its powerful performance, including red lights that expressed laser detectors.

“Show! Music Core” also left a strong impression on MONSTA X with an intro stage reminiscent of an attractive thief. Monsta X, which performed the basic and stable choreography, not only showed upgraded skills, but also completed the stage with colorful sets like music videos and camera production until the end.

In “IngiGayo,” equipped with pure white costumes, MONSTA X showed off its unexpected sexiness. The introduction of the auction house concept, which deals with a number tag, reminds me of a scene from a blockbuster movie, while Min-hyuk plays as an ending fairy, properly venting his first week of comeback with a series of stages reminiscent of a year-end award ceremony.

Especially, MONSTA X is going to show the unique comeback stage in the K-pop scene. Music Bank, Show! Music Core” and “Popular Song” all met fans with different intro stages. MONSTA X demonstrates its irreplaceable “Trust-listening Master” (performance to listen and see) aspect with a set that maximizes the characteristics of “GAMBLER,” a fascinating costume concept and performance.

The title “GAMBLER,” which was produced by Jooheon and drew attention, is an impressive song with a heavy bass rhythm and electric guitar sound, and the members’ gradually rising tension and ad-libs shine. The lyrics also clearly show MONSTA X’s unique color by expressing his feelings and confidence that he felt strongly enough to bet everything.

MONSTA X is happy to have successfully completed its first week of “GAMBLER” comeback through its agency Starship Entertainment. “Thank you for your support for our ninth mini-album ‘One Of A Kind’, and we will repay the rest of our activities with the best performance in good health, so please look forward to it.”

MONSTA X, which continues its activities amid global interest, is currently conducting two versions of the “GAMBLER” challenge through TikTok, a global shortform mobile video platform, and plans to communicate with fans through various music broadcasts and various programs.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

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