‘Showterview’ Jessi “Memorable guest is Malwang…I want to invite BTS”

‘Jessi’s Showterview’ Jessi chose BTS as the guest she wanted to invite.

On the 7th, at 2 PM, an online press conference commemorating the 1st anniversary of SBS Moby Dick’s ‘Jessi’s Showterview’ (hereinafter ‘Showterview’) was broadcast live through the SBSNOW channel. The press conference was attended by Jessi and was hosted by announcer Jo Jung-sik.

When asked who was the most memorable guest among the guests she met over the year, Jessi said, “I remember everyone, but the person that comes to mind right now is Malwang. He was with me when the program wasn’t successful. There were many conversations and a lot of views. I lost. Again, thank you very much, Kim Young-cheol, who came out as the first guest.”

Afterwards, about the people who want to invite to the program, she said, “There are many. I want to invite BTS, BLACKPINK, ATEEZ, and Refund Girls. I don’t think it will be easy,” she said to the production team, “Are you going to cut off tickets to Jeju Island?”

Meanwhile, ‘Showterview’ is an unpredictable, hip-hop talk show where you meet the hottest people right now. It is released every Thursday at 6:30 pm on YouTube, Facebook and Naver TV.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

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