Tvarotti Kim Ho-joong, Limited Edition LP Release…’Fan Love’

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Seong Jeong-eun]

Singer Kim Ho-joong shows extraordinary fan love with the release of a limited edition LP.

Kim Ho-joong will present his first full-length album “Our Family” and classical album “THE CLASSIC ALBUM” LP released last year to mark the first anniversary of the official fan cafe “Tvarotti.”

“Kim Ho-joong’s first full-length album ‘Our Family’ and ‘THE CLASSIC ALBUM’ LP was designed to commemorate Kim Ho-joong’s fan-loving fans before joining the army,” the agency said on the 7th. “It was limited to 10,000 copies and released on June 1st anniversary of the official fan cafe.”

The LP is expected to be a great gift beyond waiting for LP enthusiasts and fans who want to keep it, as it will be produced at a famous cutting studio SST and a professional audio file press factory in Germany.

“Our Family” consists of a total of eight LP-sized pictorials with gate folder-type specifications, and “THE CLASSIC ALBUM” has been added to the LP-only track “YOURAISE MEUP”, which further increased the value of the collection.

Kim Ho-joong also proved his overwhelming brand power by setting an overwhelming initial record of 410,000 copies of his first full-length album “Our Family” last year alone and 510,000 copies of his classic mini-album “THE CLASSIC ALBUM.”

The LP, which is highly valuable to collect, will begin preordering on the record site at 3 p.m. on the 7th, and will be available for general purchase from the 10th.

In “Mr. Trot,” Kim Ho-joong performed a classic-based trot song, which gave him a sense of joy. Since then, it has been showing off its ‘Tvarotti’ charm by going back and forth between genres.

Meanwhile, Kim Ho-joong, who completed basic military training at Nonsan Training Center for three weeks, continues his duty as a social service personnel.

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