‘Wild is Back’ Simon D and ‘Park In-ae’ Jung So-young make eye contact for 3 seconds… “I’m very embarrassed”

Rapper Simon D was ashamed of making eye contact with Park In-ae in ‘The Age of Wild People’.

On the 6th, on Kakao TV’s original web entertainment ‘Wild is Back’, a video titled ‘Simon D’s Best Day in Life (ft. Yain Fan Meeting)’ was released.

On this day, Simon D held a fan meeting with Ahn Jae-mo as Kim Doo-han, Jung So-young as Park In-ae, and Jang Se-jin as Moon Young-cheol in the SBS drama ‘The Age of Wilds’, which ended in 2003.

As the fan signing event progressed, Simon D first received an autograph from Jung So-young, saying, “Lady First.” Simon D was shy when he said his name. He praised Jung So-young, who left a comment, saying, “Your writing is also beautiful.”

After 3 seconds of eye contact as a fan service, Simon D said, “Oh, wait a minute.” “If possible, I’m not ashamed in front of women. But (now) I am very ashamed.” His cheeks turned red. Then, “She’s more beautiful than the past,” he confessed to his fans.

As Simon D moved to get Kim Doo-han’s autograph, he said, “It’s sad that my meeting with So-young is end soon.”

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young]

photo| Captured from Kakao TV’s ‘Yain is Back’
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