“A bright and pleasant youth and love movie”… ‘Made in Rooftop’ by Kim Cho Kwang-soo [MK on-site]

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Bright and cheerful Kim Cho Kwang-soo’s film “Made in Rooftop” visits the screen.

On the afternoon of the 7th, a preview of the movie “Made in Rooftop” and a press conference were held at the entrance of Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Seoul. Actors Lee Hong-nae, Jeong Hwi, Kwak Min-kyu, Kang Jung-woo and Yeom Moon-kyung attended the event, including director Kim Cho Kwang-soo.

“Made in Rooftop” is a summer romance of things these days that depicts the story of the first day of separation and the first day of flirting, which is not much different, but begins a push-and-seek relationship in a cool and hip way.

“I’m half excited and half nervous,” said coach Kim Cho Kwang-soo. Only when the second movie goes well can I go as a director. “I hope you enjoy watching it.”

“Made in Rooftop” is both a youth movie and a love movie. In that sense, I hope the audience likes both. If I pick one of them first, I think it’s a youth movie. “I really like youth movies, and I wanted to make a movie that was born in the 1990s,” he said.

“Many people in the 1990s ask me to make a story of themselves after filming ‘Two Married Funerals’. “Listening to my friends’ stories, I thought this generation was different from me, and I thought I could write a little brighter and more pleasant.”

Directed by Kim Cho Kwang-soo. Photo | Reporter Yoo Yong-seok

He also said, “I’ve finished my teenage identity concerns and my 20s don’t waste their lives with their identity. Most Korean queer films tend to be troubled by gender identity and become too dark. If I were to make the second movie, I wanted to make a pleasant and bright movie. “I wanted to tell you a story about my childhood in the 1990s.

Lee Hong-nae, who plays the role of Haneul, said, “As soon as I saw the script, I sympathize with it. There are many scenes in the movie, but the scene I could relate to the most is the scene where Haneul delivers on a bicycle. I also dreamed of becoming an actor in my twenties, but there were more scenes where I worked part-time than acting. The same goes for the sky. It was a pleasant and funny god, but affectionate. “I felt the most empathy.

Jeong Hwi, who played Bongsik, said, “The acting shows not only those born in the 1990s but also those in their 20s and 30s. Like Bongsik, the YOLO people are living in the present rather than preparing for the future. I sympathized with the way he intentionally tried to be more pleasant when the burden of the future was expressed. “There was a pain of youth in it, so I sympathized with Bong-sik while playing.”

Hwi Jeong (left) and Hongnae Lee. Photo | Reporter Yoo Yong-seok

On the other hand, Lee Hong-nae showed confidence in working with “Made in Rooftop” actors. “I couldn’t breathe better,” he said. It was amazing. Jung Hwi doesn’t have this kind of course. He’s so good looking. I took a breather because I heard I was filming a movie with Jung Hwi. It was nice to film with a handsome visual friend, and I was happy and happy to act as a friend. “If it weren’t for Jung Hwi, ‘Made in Rooftop’ would not have been completed.”

Continuously, “Kang Jung-woo plays the role of a boyfriend, and I liked the time we filmed and spent together as much as I wanted to think of him as my real brother. I also thought that Jeongyeon was a very difficult god. I wanted to express myself with concentration and I was satisfied with the result because you looked at me sincerely and treated me sincerely throughout the filming. I hope you work hard as a writer and an actor. There is no scene to compete with, but I didn’t know Kwak Min-kyu was filming. He is famous for his good acting. Except for Mingyu, “Made in Rooftop” cannot be left out. “I was really happy,” he said.

“I only got to work with Lee Jeong-eun, who plays the role of Sun-ja in the rooftop room. It was an honor just to be able to be together. Thank you.
Thank you for taking good care of me. “You came just one day, and I was doing all the senior scenes, but I felt like I was with you for a long time,” he hinted. “It’s a young movie that everyone can relate to,” he said. “I hope you’ll give me a lot of support.”

“Made in Rooftop” will be released on the 23rd.

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Yang So-young]

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