‘Afternoon Hope’ Monsta X #Celeb Five #Brother-like chemistry #Gambler

Group MONSTA X showed off its fantastic breathing and cool talking skills.

MBC FM4U’s “I’m Kim Shin-young of Afternoon Hope” which aired on the 8th, featured MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk, Ki-hyun, Hyung-won, Joo-heon and I.M, who made a comeback with their new song “GAMBLER.”

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young introduced MONSTA X, saying, “A irreplaceable group came out.” Kim Shin-young then asked, “It’s our 6th anniversary now, and how long is your activities including your trainee days?”

Min-hyuk replied, “If you add up to your time together, it’s 10 years.” Kim Shin-young asked again, “Then aren’t we like a family?” “As fans know, I don’t have any sisters,” Min-hyuk said. So we are real brothers,” Min-hyuk said, expressing his friendship.

Kim Shin-young also said, “If you have a brother, you can’t praise each other. I get allergic. “Let’s compliment each other once in a while.” In particular, Ki-hyun said to Joo-heon, “I write songs well and have pretty dimples. “I’m handsome these days because I’m so handsome in appearance,” he said, showing off great chemistry like brothers. Holding his brother’s hand, I.M. said, “Do you have cold limbs? Still, my brother has a warm heart. “I have unlimited potential.”

A new song was also mentioned.

“Most of the new songs were written by the members,” Min-hyuk said. “More than 80% of the songs are self-composed, and I want to say thank you to the company officials for opening up their minds.”

“The company believes in MONSTA X,” Kim Shin-young said. “Every song that came out this time is like a gem. “I think Hyung-won is really good at writing pop songs,” he praised, creating a warm atmosphere.

Joo-heon and Hyung-won also expressed their thoughts on the song “Celeb Five song. DJ Kim Shin-young asked Joo-heon if he could give her a song from “Celeb Five.” “If I have a chance, I want to try ‘Celeb Five,'” Joo-heon said. In response, Kim Shin-young reaffirmed, saying, “If you have a chance, you can do it anytime?” When Jooheon said yes, Kim Shin-young said, “That’s enough. “Please give me a fanfare,” he said.

When Joo-heon asked, “How many minutes did it go through?” Kim Shin-young replied, “There are about 10 people,” drawing laughter. Joo-heon said, “If possible, I’d like to ask you to be the main one.” Later, Kim Shin-young also suggested a song to Hyung-won. When Hyung-won accepted the song proposal, Kim Shin-young showed excitement.

Min-hyuk also expressed his ambition to appear in entertainment shows. When Kim Shin-young asked, “Is Min-hyuk interested in any entertainment show?” Min-hyuk replied, “He is a running man.” When Min-hyuk said, “I want to learn from the entertainment show with seniors as the youngest,” Kim Shin-young said, “It’s good to appear on the entertainment show with seniors.” There’s a lot to learn. “I wonder how I would tear up entertainment shows if I appeared on the show.”

Joo-heon also said he wanted to give songs to the group SPA. When Kim Shin-young asked, “Is there a group you want to produce other than Celeb Five?” Joo-heon said, “In fact, it is ‘ESPA’. Next Level is hot. I thought about the feeling and analyzed it. “If you call SM, I’ll run to you anytime.”

Lastly, the members said, “I will work hard on this promotion. Please keep an eye on us. Please watch our music shows.”

MONSTA X made a comeback on the 1st with the title track “One Of A Kind” and “Gambler.” “Gambler,” in which member Joo-heon directly participated in the production, is an impressive song with heavy bass rhythm and electronic guitar sound.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today Intern Reporter Jae-eun Kim]

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