‘Debut’ EPEX “We will try our best to become the center of 4th generation idols”

Epex. Provided by C9 Entertainment

Boy group Epex expressed its determination to emerge as the center of fourth-generation idols.

On the afternoon of the 8th, an online showcase was held to commemorate the release of Epex’s first EP, “Bipolar Pt.1 Book of Anxiety.”

Epex is a boy group that C9 Entertainment will introduce in two years since CIX. It is a nine-member boy group consisting of Wish, Geum Dong-hyun, Mew, Amin, Baek Seung, Aiden, Yewang, and Jeff, meaning “The Gathering of Eight Youths Eight Different Geniths”.

Leader Wish introduced the team name Epex, “It means that eight boys will gather to form eight peaks.”

Member Mew said, “Since it’s my first time showing my debut album, I’ll do my best to show you a good performance.” Through this activity, we will try to make Epex attract attention as the center of 4th generation idols.”

Epex’s first EP, “The Book of Bipolar Pt.1 Anxiety,” is an album that marks the beginning of the entire worldview that Epex will develop in the future, and contains stories about various “anxiety beginnings” experienced in adolescence.

“This album, part I under the major system of polarization, realistically captures adolescent anxiety,” Aiden said.

The title track “Lock Down” is an electronic hip-hop genre that explains the correlation between daily use of SNS and contagious depression. The powerful yet rough bass rhythm gave rise to an addictive song.

Epex’s first EP, “Bipolar Pt.1 Book of Anxiety,” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 8th.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Park Se-yeon]

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