Hong Eun-hee renewed contract, 17 years of relationship with Namoo Actors [Official]

Actress Hong Eun-hee has renewed her contract with Namoo Actors.

On the 7th, Namoo Actors announced the renewal of contract with actress Hong Eun-hee. Eunhee Hong has been with Namoo Actors since 2004, and has continued a partnership based on trust until now.

Namoo Actors said, “We are very happy to renew my contract with Hong Eun-hee.

Hong Eun-hee is an actress with sophisticated visuals and stable acting skills, and she has been attracting attention by appearing in dramas such as ‘Less Than Evil’, ‘Working Mother, Babysitter Father’, and ‘My Love Patzzi’. Also, she showed off her talents as MC on ‘Where is My Home’, ‘Great Inheritance’, ‘Good Day’, and ‘Taxi’, etc., and has been loved by the public for her elegant presentation and cider talk. Hong Eun-hee, who is currently taking on the role of Lee Kwang-nam in the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Revolutionary Sisters’ and leading viewers’ immersion with her luxury acting skills, is showing the potential of ‘Weekend Queen’ and is active in the CRT.

In addition, Eun-hee Hong, who has a sensuous talent for leather crafts to the extent that she usually makes and presents bags, clutches, diaries, etc. herself, will take on challenges in new fields such as formally launching her own brand ‘HEH BY HEH’. She is also a ‘passionate woman’ who constantly transforms through self-development and management.

Hong Eun-hee, who has been loved by the public for her non-stop acting transformation and versatility as an actress, raises expectations for her next move after renewing her contract with Namoo Actors.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Shin Young-eun]

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