‘I Live Alone’ ranks 1st in non-drama topicality… Kim Ji-seok’s performance

MBC’s “I Live Alone” topped the list of non-drama TV topics on Friday, proving the strongest Friday’s entertainment show by not only increasing viewership but also catching headlines.

According to data from Good Data Corporation, a TV topic analysis agency, “I Live Alone” topped the non-drama category with 22.87 percent share on Friday, the first week of June.

“I Live Alone” conveys healing energy on Friday night through the colorful daily lives of men and women alone. In the broadcast on the 4th, the single life of Kim Ji-seok, the actor of “Roco King” who has been in his 20th year since his debut, and the first beach date between his dogs Yang Hee and Sung Hoon were depicted. Kim Ji-seok even claimed to be a wedding host and showed his love for a special fan, creating warmth, and the honest story he shared with Ha Seok-jin X Jang-won, the “brain hot guy,” drew a lot of sympathy.

Meanwhile, “I Live Alone” will mark its 400th anniversary on Wednesday. With the 400th special, Jeon Hyun-moo’s return in two years is expected, drawing much attention.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Park Se-yeon]

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