Ji Yeon-soo “I did everything for my son’s birthday, but…”

Broadcaster Ji Yeon-soo expressed his pity for his son.

Broadcaster Ji Yeon-soo expressed regret for her son.

On the 8th, on Instagram, “My lovely son, Min-su’s birthday. Today, I’ve been preparing for Min-su’s birthday for more than a month, and I’ve burned it up.” The photo shows Ji Yeon-soo and her son Min-soo having a good time at the amusement park.

Ji Yeon-soo said, “I couldn’t hear anything and couldn’t see anything because I wanted to make you the happiest and happiest.” “I want to do more for you even if you do everything, and I keep feeling sorry for you.” “I did everything for another day, but I’m sorry because I know what Minsu wants the most.”

“I will hug you more and love you more. Thank you for being born as a mother and a baby. Happy birthday, Min-su,” she added.

When Ji Yeon-soo’s post was released, Internet users responded by saying, “I think your son needs time to accept his parent’s divorce,” “Happy birthday,” and “He must have been happy thanks to his mother.”

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon-soo married Eli from the 11-year-old junior group U-Kiss, but divorced last year. Ji Yeon-soo said in a broadcast that she had to live as a credit delinquent because she paid for Eli’s supercar and other living expenses when she married Eli. She also expressed regret over the phone that she had been notified of divorce from Eli.

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

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