Jung Hye-sun, “I paid off my debts of my ex-husband…”

Jung Hye-sun recalled the difficult times in the past.

In the KBS1 ‘Morning Yard’ broadcast on the 8th, actress Jung Hye-sun, who has reached 60 years of acting life, appeared.

Regarding the rumor that ‘I’m not rich’, Jung Hye-sun said, “I didn’t have a manager at the time, and I did the makeup myself, but later I got a makeup artist, but I did it with my own hands. At that time, Korea was poor. How poor was it in the 1960s.”

Jung Hye-sun continued, “There is no one who lives without debt. I got a loan and I had an accident. I don’t know how it is now, but the couple was supposed to bear joint responsibilities together. My performance fee was also foreclosed. I was able to find things that I could live with, and I paid off the debt for the rest.”

In addition, Jung Hye-sun said, “My ex-husband’s business went bankrupt. I was wondering why this happened to me, but I did it when I was young, so I took responsibility and paid for it. I paid off everything without leaving a single won.”

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Yang So-young]

Photo|KBS Broadcast Screen Capture
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