N.Flying’s first regular in 6 years, emotional → intense New color to participate in June comeback war [Comprehensive]

Band N.Flying will throw their hat into the K-pop competition in June with a “moon shot” that boasts a strong sound.

On the afternoon of the 7th, a showcase of the first full-length album “Man on the Moon” by the group N.Flying (Lee Seung-hyeop, Cha Hoon, Kim Jae-hyun, Yoo Hoe-seung and Seo Dong-sung) was held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

“Man on the Moon,” which will be released for the first time at 6 p.m., consists of a total of 10 tracks, featuring songs of various genres such as alternative rock, R&B, gospel, and rock ballads, giving a colorful atmosphere.

In particular, leader Lee Seung-hyeop participated in all the songs in this album, drawing attention. In addition, N.Flying members such as Cha Hoon, Yoo Hoe-seung, and Seo Dong-sung actively participated in writing and composing all the songs, raising expectations even more.

Above all, it has a special meaning as it is the first full-length album in six years since the debut. Lee Seung-hyeop said, “In the past, I couldn’t distinguish between single, mini, and regular albums. “I found out later that it was a meaningful album,” he said. “I felt since about two years ago that it was time for a full-length album to come out.” Lee Seung-hyeop also said, “I wanted to make an album where N.Flying could be loved by filling it with good music,” adding, “There were almost five songs each made by the members.” “There were a lot, but it was rather difficult to determine.”

Cha Hoon said, “It’s my first comeback in a year since ‘Oh really’.” “I came back with an album with stories and thoughts as much as that time.” I hope you look forward to it. “It contains a message that nothing will change if it doesn’t change (in the album),” Lee Seung-hyeop said. “N.Flying moves forward, fighting fear and tension.” “When we flew to the moon using that as our motivation, it was meaningful to stand on the moon.”

N.Flying Seo Dong-seong, Kim Jae-hyun, Lee Seung-hyeop, Yoo Hoe-seung, and Cha Hoon (from left) held a showcase for the release of their first full-length album ‘Man on the Moon’. Offer| FNC Entertainment

Until now, N.Flying has attracted attention by hitting sentimental songs such as “Rooftop Room,” “Good Night,” and “Oh really.” However, the title track “Moon Shot” is an alternative rock with a strong sound. Why did you change your style?

Lee Seung-hyeop said, “I’m sure many people know us as ‘Rooftop Room’. But if you listen to our debut song, there were a lot of strong sounds in the album. (This time) I wanted to show you an album with a stronger band sound, so I released “Moon Shot.” “Rooftop Room” was loved a lot, Kim Jae-hyun said. “I think it makes a lot of sweet sounds and it’s our clothes, but I’ve actually worn any clothes.” “I want you to think that this kind of genre suits you well,” he added.

N.Flying is a band that has been recognized on the live stage with charisma that overwhelms the stage. With the prolonged Covid-19 recently, it has become difficult to meet fans on stage. When asked how to quench his thirst for the performance, Kim Jae-hyun said, “The thirst to perform cannot be quenched.” He said, “If you solve 1%, you will get 10% more thirst,” and added, “We will quench our thirst with N.Fia (fan clubs) after a hard time (called Covid-19).”

But in the meantime, I’m constantly trying to quench my thirst. Lee Seung-hyeop said, “I wanted to make the song ‘Flashback’ a song that feels like listening to live.” “It was a song full of band sounds. “As I made it, I gathered in the studio and played it so high that my ears burst, and I resolved it with the feeling of performing.”

“I’m trying to quench my thirst by working on it,” said Lee Seung-hyeop. Since I couldn’t communicate with my fans actively, I thought a lot about how to communicate, but there was nothing I could do. “We are communicating through bubbles and V LIVE as much as we can.”

Yoo Hoe-seung said, “I created a YouTube channel. “I focused on cover songs, but these days I can’t go out and do it online, so I started to do radio-type contents as ‘the end of the day’,” he said. “I am communicating with my fans by talking about things that I couldn’t do.”

N.Flying’s full-length album is called ‘Man on the Moon’. The title was borrowed from the lyrics of the title track ‘Moon Shot”. Lee Seung-hyeop always fights fear and wins trauma. Then I thought of the word “moon shot” and looked it up, and it was the word “moon probe launch.” “I thought it was similar to what we were doing.

In addition to Lee Seung-hyeop, the members explained N.Flying’s title song “Moon Shot” and said they tried to resolve the “trauma.” What do they mean by “trauma”? “I think it’s a personal trauma,” Cha Hoon said. “I grew up watching bands in the 80s and 90s and heard a lot that they have the same direction,” he said. “N.Flying is trendy, but the guitar is old.” “I thought I should change it, so I studied like crazy.”

Lee Seung-hyeop said, “I was satisfied with my life and I was afraid when I was about to make a change in my life. “But if I don’t do it now, I’m trying to get hit by the idea that it won’t change here,” he said.

In June, a large number of music giants such as EXO, TWICE, Seventeen, and Brave Girls will make a comeback, led by N.Flying. With the K-pop idols expected to compete, what will N.Flying’s determination be like? Kim Jae-hyun said, “I think it would be great if the grades were good,” but added, “I felt that I had a lot of interest in K-pop around the world.” “I want to lead K-pop into a big genre by sharing music with artists,” he said, expressing his intention to focus on harmony rather than competition.

Kim Jae-hyun also said, “N.Flying gives the most energy when they gather and it is strong when five people gather, as it is the first time to release a full-length album in six years.” “I want to make you feel solid,” he said. “I am determined to do N.Flying activities.”

N.Flying’s first studio album, “Man on the Moon,” will be released at 6 p.m. today.

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]
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