Sean, 160km non-stop ‘trail running challenge’ to build Lou Gehrig Nursing Center

Singer Sean announced on the 8th that he will hold a fundraising campaign to build the country’s first Lou Gehrig Nursing Center with the blockchain donation platform “Good Day, Cherry.” (hereinafter ‘Cherry’)

Sean, who first started a donation run in 2011 for children with rare incurable and incurable diseases, will challenge a trailer that he has not tried before to mark the 10th anniversary of the donation run on June 15.

Trailer racing, also known as “mountain marathon,” is a sport that runs on mountain trails, grasslands, and forests, not on paved roads or tracks. It is a sport that has recently attracted attention among young people who enjoy exciting sports.

Sean will run a trailer in 30 hours with a nonstop 160km (157km + 3km) of Dulle-gil, Seoul, after one night and two days. Seoul Dulle-gil consists of a total of eight courses, about 160km, which usually takes more than 65 hours. After completing the challenge, the Ice Bucket Challenge will also be held on the spot.

“12 years ago, I met with former basketball coach Park Seung-il and created the Seung-il Hope Foundation in 2011 to help build his dream Lou Gehrig’s Nursing Center,” Sean said. “We have been co-representing him for 10 years.”

“Finally, the construction of the Lou Gehrig Nursing Center, the dream of co-representative Park Seung-il, is just around the corner. “My sharing is to run his share for my friend Park Seung-il’s dream,” he said. “I have been able to achieve challenges that I cannot achieve alone for 10 years with the support and participation of many people.” “I want to give hope to my friend Park Seung-il and Lou Gehrig’s disease patients through the construction of a nursing center.”

“We are planning this fundraising to continue Sean’s touching story of changing the world with good influence for 10 years with more people,” said Cherry, a fundraiser. “We will do our best to serve as a donation platform to tell the story of our social neighbors who need more attention.”

Sean founded the Seungil Hope Foundation with former basketball player and coach Park Seung-il, who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, donated 300 million won to the foundation, and held campaigns that attracted public attention, including 10,000 ice bucket challenges, donation runs, donation rides, and push-ups.

Of the total budget of 11.4 billion won for the construction project, 6.94 billion won has been raised, and various challenges have been continued with the goal of raising 4.46 billion won remaining funds. This fundraising allows users to download and participate in “CHERRY – Hope Sharing Platform” by searching for “Cherry” on Google Play and App Store.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Seong Jeong-eun]

Photo courtesy of YG Entertainment
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