‘The House Detox’ J Black “I fell in love with Marie after seeing her crying”

Dancers J-Black and Marie confessed their love at first sight.

In tvN’s entertainment program “The House Detox,” which aired on the 7th, the J Black Marie couple appeared as clients.

On this day, MC Shin Ae-ra wondered, “How about seeing each other dance?”

Marie said, “Cool. I fell in love with the dance at first. Whenever I see them dancing, I always like them.”

“Sometimes it’s like senior and junior, sometimes it’s like a couple and a couple,” J Black said. “We seem to play a lot of roles for each other,” he said.

When Marie said she first met J-Black when she was 22, Park Na-rae asked, “Did you dash first?” “It’s hard to say dash, but I threw rice cake,” Marie said with a big mouth. J Black admitted that he was the first one to go, saying, “I’ve been given the rice cake.”

“I fell in love with (Marie) crying,” J Black said. When Marie was 22, we prepared a dance performance together. Suddenly Marie came up the stairs crying.
The doctor said my knee is full of water. In fact, it is often the case for dancers to have water on their knees. At that time, Marie must have thought she was in trouble because she was young,” he said. “I fell in love with her unexpected charm because such a big friend cried like a baby. I kept in touch with you because I kept thinking of you.”

When Marie said, “I got a call from him. He told me that he will treat dinner,” Yoon Kyun-sang replied, “That is a special sign.”

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young]

photo| tvN’s ‘New Arrangement’ capture
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