Brave Girls Eunji showed off her beauty before her comeback

Group Brave Girls’ Eunji shared her recent status with her beautiful beauty.

On the 9th, Eunji posted a picture on her Instagram along with the words, “June 17, Hurray!”

In the photo, Eunji is staring at the camera with bright eyes. Eunji, who wore a black dress with long straight hair, showed off her alluring charm.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions full of admiration and anticipation, such as “You are so pretty!”, “I hope you come here on June 17th”, and “I’ll wear sunglasses because you are dazzling”.

Brave Girls, to which Eunji belongs, will make a comeback with their 5th mini album ‘Summer Queen’ on the 17th. The agency Brave Entertainment said, “The members of Brave Girls are in the midst of preparing for their comeback. We prepared an album full of summer songs that will be responsible for this summer, so please look forward to it.”

The Brave Girls hit their first heyday after their debut with the reverse run of ‘Rollin’.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

Photo l Eunji SNS

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