Casting Ryeowook joins Polidori in creative musical ‘Mary Shelley’

Super Junior’s Ryeo-wook will join the creative musical ‘Mary Shelley’.

The musical ‘Mary Shelley’ is the story of the British novelist ‘Mary Shelley’, the author of the world-famous novel ‘Frankenstein’. Ryeo-wook competes in a horror novel contest with Mary, Percy, Claire, and Byron at Byron’s villa. Polidori’ will be selected for the role and will perform well.

Polidori, played by Ryeo-wook, is Byron’s doctor and a person with complex feelings for the famous poet Byron. In response, Ryeo-wook admires Byron, but at the same time, is expected to maximize the audience’s immersion by releasing the jealous Polidori’s heart with delicate inner acting.

Previously, Ryeo-wook, based on his excellent singing and stable acting skills, has performed in various musicals such as ‘Romance of Their Own’, ‘High School Musical’, ‘The Goddess Is Watching’, ‘Agatha’, and ‘Glow Flame Sonata’, as well as recently a theater-style live sitcom. He took on the role of ‘Aaron’ in the title role of ‘On Air – Secret Contract’ and finished it successfully.

Meanwhile, the creative premiere musical ‘Mary Shelley’ starring Ryeo-wook can be seen at KT&G Sangsangmadang Daechi Art Hall from August 7 to October 31.

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today]

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