Hyeri donates 50 million won to UNICEF on her birthday

Hyeri did a good deed on her 9th birthday.

Hyeri donated 50 million won to the Korean Committee for UNICEF. It will be used in full for the ‘we=she campaign’ that supports girls’ hygiene products.

Hyeri said, “I found out that there are still many girls around the world who have difficulties during menstruation due to lack of sanitary products or who suffer discrimination and suffering due to the custom of impure menstruation itself. There are no separate toilets for men and women, so they cannot attend school at all. It really broke my heart to hear that there are many girls who don’t. We hope that it will help in some small way for all girls to grow up happily in a safe and clean environment.”

UNICEF Korea Committee Secretary General Lee Ki-cheol said, “Hyeri’s supporter delivered a warm gift on her birthday. Although she is said to be the youngest member of the Honors Club, Hyeri, who cares and considers her surroundings, is deeper and wider than anyone else. You are a role model for me and my staff. We will use the funds cherishingly for a safe and clean world for girls and children in developing countries.”

Hyeri donated 100 million won to ‘Schools for Asia’, an education program for Asian children in 2019, and became the youngest member of UNICEF’s ‘Honors Club’.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

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