Kim Ji-hyun “Someone flirted to me after debuting as a member of Lula, Lee Sang-min quietly made him to give up his potential relationship with me” (‘South Korean Foreigners’)

“South Korean Foreigners” Kim Ji-hyun revealed an anecdote related to Lee Sang-min during his Lula career.

MBC Everyone’s “South Korean Foreigners,” which will air on the 9th, will feature Lula Kim Ji-hyun, Tutu Hwang Hye-young, Jewelry Seo In-young, and trot singer Yoon Seo-ryeong as vice team leaders.

Lula, a mixed group that debuted in 1994, enjoyed the best heyday of the 90s, leaving masterpieces such as “3!4!”, “Angel Lost Wings” and “Prayer”. Kim Ji-hyun was called the representative sexy icon of the 1990s and enjoyed the music industry with her unique presence.

On this day, MC Kim Yong-man told Kim Ji-hyun, who boasted tremendous popularity during his Lula days, “I think there must have been a lot of men’s dash,” and Kim Ji-hyun raised questions with an ambiguous response, “I guess so.”

Kim Ji-hyun said, “At that time, when Lee Sang-min heard a story about me or a note was delivered, he quietly discarded it.” “I couldn’t hide my disappointed expression.”

Hwang Hye-young, another mixed group member that was active at the same time as Lula, also sympathized, saying, “Not only the manager but also the members who were with me joined hands to block the men.” At that time, when Seo In-young asked, “That’s not why you didn’t date?” Hwang Hye-young proudly said, “Of course, I’ll do everything,” giving the studio a twist, making it a sea of laughter. The broadcast will be aired at 8:30 p.m. on the 9th.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-hyun is currently operating a YouTube channel called “Boo Real Estate TV,” which deals with real estate investment content with her husband as well as acting and entertainment.

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