‘Love Master’ Mo Tae-beom “My ideal type is energetic and plump woman”

Former speed skater Mo Tae-beom revealed his ideal type.

Mo Tae-beom appeared as a guest on the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘Love Master’, which was broadcast on the 8th, and confessed his worries about dating.

On this day, the master priest asked Mo Tae-beom about his preferred ideal type.

Mo Tae-beom said, “I want to be active and active. I like sports, I have a job, and I want to be able to manage myself well. I think that you are attracted to the opposite sex only if your hobbies are right,” he explained about his ideal type. Mo Tae-beom added, “It’s a little unusual, but when I think of the opposite sex I’m attracted to, I’m attracted to the bubbly and fuzzy style.”

Hong Jin-kyung, who was watching the video, asked, “What do you mean by being a fool?” Mo Tae-beom replied, “He is a lively and plump person.” At this, Hong Hyun-hee laughed, saying, “The woman must have a lot of charm.”

Mo Tae-beom also said, “I don’t like people who don’t express their gratitude. I think people who express themselves are the basics.”

Sajudosa, who listened to Mo Tae-beom, said, “It will take a long time to settle down with a woman. Fire is fire, but because the fire is too big, it flows aimlessly. Dating is difficult,” he said, surprising Mo Tae-beom. Mo Tae-beom said, “Then what should I do? I came here because of this.” He showed a shocked look.

To this, Sajudosa suggested an alternative, saying, “I just need to meet a bright woman for money.”

SBS Plus entertainment program ‘Love Master’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:40 pm.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

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