‘Ppong School’ Lim Young-woong, the president’s personalized sweet gift sense

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

In “Ppong School,” Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae and Hwang Yoon-sung will transform into six-color office workers, revealing their deadly and wise work lives that have never been seen anywhere.

The 54th episode of TV CHOSUN’s “Ppong School,” which will air on the 9th, will feature the exciting “Suppong Project” work life of Ppong 6. From Jang Min-ho, the manager of Mannyeon, to Young-tak, the elite office worker Lim Young-woong, Kim Hee-jae, Abu Wang Lee Chan-won, and Hwang Yoon-sung, the first day of work, six colors of “Ppong School version of Microbi” are unfolded.

Above all, mulberry 6 is faced with various tasks and provides both a crisis and laughter throughout the work life. Jang Min-ho, a section chief of the “Kkondae Power Man-level,” who lives with “Latte is a horse,” and Kim Hee-jae, a fact-finding employee who says everything, have the appearance of an elite office worker with a perfect suit fit and a twist of Lim Young-woong, a “Mamaboy.” Moreover, as the crisis of restructuring, in which employees who do not perform well, will be forced to leave the company, it also raised questions about one person who will face a sharp wind of restructuring.

In producing slogans, logos, and mascots, which were launched as the first task of the long-awaited “Suppong Project,” all means and methods were mobilized, including Lee Chan-won’s top computer skills, and Jang, a manual assistant manager and a master with a brush. In the end, however, many familiar designs and slogans appeared, creating a big laugh. Among them, Ace Manager Lim Young-woong satisfied Boom with state-of-the-art presentation methods and unusual ideas, and made him laugh by producing a “Woong Agent Logo” that seems to develop the company globally. In particular, attention is being paid to who is the mysterious woman who surprised Deputy Lim Young-woong, who suddenly visited the office and was immersed in his work, and the identity of the woman who visited the deputy.

In a meeting with foreign buyers, another special mission given to Ppong 6, Ppong faced difficulties with poor English conversation skills. However, while mulberry 6 gave a big laugh by launching “English as it pleases,” a member who captured the hearts of foreign buyers and became the sales king (?) appeared. Manager Jang Min-ho and acting manager Lim Young-woong were once again soaked in the “kimchi-guk fantasy” of dreaming of incentives and promotion if a big deal was made.

In addition, Ppong 6 is going to the company of Ppong Project to relieve the president’s anger at the continued decline in performance. The festival was held to celebrate the death of the mulberry and the biggest party of all time. All the essential songs for the company dinner, such as Young-tak and Kim Hee-jae’s “Every Night” and Jang Min-ho and Lim Young-woong’s “Chalang Chalang.” On top of that, Lim Young-woong showed a great sense of preparing sweet and salty gifts customized for the chairman without anyone knowing, and gave extreme laughter points with a makeup show that caught the president’s eyes.

The production team said, “Ppong 6 has properly released a variety of attractive characters through ‘Suppong Project’,” adding, “Please look forward to a fun Wednesday night with everyday elements, excitement, songs, and laughter.”

Meanwhile, “Ppong School,” which airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m., will air at 11 p.m. on the 9th (today) due to the second round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifying tournament in Asia.

[Jin Hyang-hee, Star Today reporter]

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