Resurrection after 12 years ‘WHISPERING CORRIDORS 6 : THE HUMMING’ will it be accepted in theaters [MK Movie]


“WHISPERING CORRIDORS 6 : THE HUMMING”, which has been revived in 12 years, will aim at theaters this summer.

The movie “The Sixth Story of Girl’s High School Ghost Story: Alma mater” (director Lee Mi-young) is a story about Eun-hee (Kim Seo-hyung), who lost her past memories and met with her school troublemaker Ha-young (Kim Hyun-soo), and found a hidden bathroom for a long time. It is a 12-year revival after “Girls’ High School Ghost Story 5”.

The “WHISPERING CORRIDORS” series has been praised for opening a new horizon for Korean horror films with fresh materials, messages that bring topics to society and innovative filming techniques on the school stage. In particular, Park Jin-hee, Kim Kyu-ri, Choi Kang-hee, Gong Hyo-jin and Kim Ok-bin have produced so many actors that the modifier “star gate” is not a waste.

The series heralds a dense narrative and intense suspense as she encounters terrible events in school and the reality of her lost memories. In particular, Kim Seo-hyung, who shows strong presence in the drama “Mine,” and Kim Hyun-soo, who showed strong performance with the drama “Pent House,” are raising expectations.

In addition, Lee Ji-won, who made an eye contact as Kim Hae-na in last year’s SBS drama “Do you like Brahms?” and Choi Ri will appear by showing off her acting skills that are not like a rookie with her debut film “Returning Home.” Singer-songwriter Bibi takes the first step with his real name Kim Hyung-seo.

So far, the performance of the “WHISPERING CORRIDORS” series has recorded about 620,000 viewers in Seoul (based on the integrated network of the committee) and 140,000 viewers in Seoul in “WHISPERING CORRIDORS 2.” “WHISPERING CORRIDORS 3” has accumulated 1.78 million viewers, “WHISPERING CORRIDORS 4” has accumulated about 500,000 and “WHISPERING CORRIDORS 5” has accumulated 650,000 viewers.

“WHISPERING CORRIDORS 6 : THE HUMMING” is currently ranked first in the Korean movie reservation rate with 7.6% (9 am on the 9th).

Attention is focusing on whether “WHISPERING CORRIDORS 6 : THE HUMMING,” which has returned after 12 years, will succeed in the box office and steal the hearts of the audience.

The sixth episode of “WHISPERING CORRIDORS 6 : THE HUMMING” opens on the 17th.

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Yang So-young]

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