Song Ga-in X Hong Hyun-hee X Shin Seung-tae, ‘Online Market’ Jindo Abalone Live Commerce Promotion

Trot singer Song Ga-in promoted a Jindo live commerce broadcast with comedian Hong Hyun-hee and singer Shin Seung-tae.

On the 9th, Song Ga-in posted a picture on her Instagram and wrote, “KBS ‘Online Market’ today’s live commerce broadcast. Treasure of Jindo Island! ” and “♥Online Market Mascot! MC Hong Hyun-hee ♥ Jindo’s daughter! Trot Queen! Song Ga-in ♥ Trot Bronco! Shin Seung-tae,” she introduced.

She continued, “Today, 6/9 (Wednesday) at 5 pm, a local market for ‘Jindo Abalone’ will be held in the sea off Jindo. 15-16 rice 1kg 10% discount coupon 28,300 won. Meet at a special discount price beyond imagination. From the honey jam live broadcast to the purchase of Jindo abalone at a special price!”

In the published photo, Song Ga-in is smiling brightly in a V pose. Hong Hyun-hee and Shin Seung-tae added cute charms with finger hearts.

Netizens who saw this cheered, “You’re cool today”, “I’m just waiting for you”, and “You’re the best.”

On the other hand, KBS2’s entertainment program ‘Online Market’ is an entertainment program that introduces and sells special products in cooperation with farmers and fishermen so that they can be of practical help to the local economy that has been difficult due to COVID-19.

[Star Today intern reporter Ji-young Lee]

PhotoㅣSong Ga-in’s SNS
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