‘The Devil Judge’ Kim Min-jung, first stills released… Demonic femme fatale

Kim Min-jung returns as a captivating host who will swallow up an era of chaos.

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘The Devil Judge’ (played by Moon Yoo-seok, directed by Choi Jeong-gyu, produced by Studio Dragon, Studio & New), which will be aired for the first time in July, has released the first stills of Kim Min-jung (Jung Seon-ah). Kim Min-jung catches the eye with her alluring beauty and elegant charisma.

‘The Devil Judge’ is a drama that throws a message about justice through a live court show in which the entire nation participates in the background of a fictional dystopian Republic of Korea. The drama comes with the question, ‘Is Han Kang (Ji Seong), a demon judge who appeared in an era of chaos, a hero for everyone or a demon wearing a judge’s mask?’

Kim Min-jung plays Jeong Seon-ah, who is the executive director of the Social Responsibility Foundation, which is trusted by the whole people, and who shakes the political and business people with her natural charm as a weapon. In a world where the words of the Social Responsibility Foundation are power and meaning, he reigns as a top predator while thoroughly hiding her claws.

Above all, the only enemy of the trial judge, Kang Ha-han, who leads the live court show, creates a different tension between confrontation and evil. In a dystopian society where only the rule of the weak and strong eaters, Jeong Seon-ah (Kim Min-jung) is aiming, and what kind of conflict will it create with Kang Joo-han?

In particular, as can be seen in the published photos, Jeong Seon-ah’s clear eyes, which do not feel malicious, suggest that she is a meticulous personality who never reveals her inner feelings. A cold and mysterious atmosphere is sensed from her, who shines everywhere, including party halls and courtrooms, stimulating the imagination of those waiting for the drama to decide what kind of character she will emerge in ‘Devil Judge’.

The production team of ‘Devil Judge’ said, “Jeong Seon-ah is a figure who dominates a dystopian society, and will be another axis of evil from the demon judge Kang Ha-han. Please look forward to Kim Min-jung’s performance as Jeong Seon-ah’s character, which will provide tension and thrill.”

The new tvN Saturday drama ‘The Devil Judge’, which is expected to see Kim Min-jung’s new transformation, will be broadcast for the first time at 9 pm on Saturday, July 3.

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

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