‘Voice King’ Kim Dong-myeong → Ko Yu-jin, semi-finals… The strongest artist of Tuesday

It has once again confirmed that “Voice King” is the strongest player in Tuesday’s entertainment.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings survey agency on the 9th, the ninth episode of MBN’s “Voice King” (planned/directed by Park Tae-ho), which aired on June 8, recorded 7.042% (one part) ratings based on paid broadcasting households. This figure ranks first in the overall ratings of Tuesday entertainment shows, including terrestrial broadcasters, proving the dignity of “Voice King,” the strongest of Tuesday entertainment shows.

In the broadcast on this day, there was a 1:1 death match “You Come Out Again” match in the third round. The head-on competition of the real powerhouses who survived the fierce competition gave viewers a hot tension.

Among them, the revival of the nation’s top band and the confrontation between Monkey drew attention. Band members were all present for the third round stage of Kim Dong-myung, the teenage vocalist of Resurrection, and Kim Shin-ui, the vocalist of Monkey. Their stage, a combination of the best performances and vocals, gave everyone a thrill.

In particular, the appearance of legendary guitarist Kim Tae-won made everyone’s eyes suspicious, including the kingmaker. Kim Dong-myung and Resurrection showed the essence of the band’s music by tearing the stage with incredible perfect breathing. Monni’s Kim Shin-ui overturned the stage with excitement and faced off with a refreshing cider vocal, but failed to overcome the wall of “legend” resurrection and lost in the third round.

On the other hand, idol Hwan-hee and charismatic actor Kim Young-ho competed with the best performances and impressions they could show. Kim Young-ho, who is battling sarcomas, said it was a song that gives strength to his sick self, and chose Yoon Do-hyun’s “Hope It’s Not the End,” making everyone cry with a passionate heart. However, Hwan-hee, who selected Park Jin-young’s “Honey” and gave a scholarship to the stage with a spectacular performance, advanced to the semi-finals after a fierce match.

The match between her eardrum boyfriend Oh Hyun-woo and Sunyoul satisfied viewers’ eyes and ears at the same time. First of all, Oh Hyun-woo’s stage, which reinterpreted Kim Kwang-seok’s “About Thirty” in his own style, gave a deep impression. The melody, which was then staged with Jeongin’s “I hate you,” showed another unique charm with an explosive high-pitched voice. The final result was won by just four points ahead of Oh Hyun-woo.

There was also a showdown between participants who turned 180 degrees to win. In the match between Park Jong-chan and Ahn Sung-hoon, Park Jong-chan chose “Two-lane Bridge” and challenged trot for the first time. Against this backdrop, trot nobleman Ahn Sung-hoon has selected Kim Hyun-chul’s “The Fall of the Moon” and proved himself to be an all-round vocalist. Ahn Sung-hoon, who was praised for “the best stage so far,” advanced to the next round with high scores from both the kingmaker and the audience evaluation team.

The battle between trot singer Tae-nam and vocalist Koo Bon-soo was also a great match. It was Tae-nam who picked Park Sang-chul’s “Jaok-ah” and swept the stage with his unique high-pitched and cute choreography, but Koo Bon-soo, who played Cho Yong-pil’s “Song of the Wind” with an attractive low-pitched voice, scored higher.

In addition, Park Kang-sung, who competed with Jang Sung-min, proved the king’s class by scoring the highest score among all the stages broadcast on the day. Ko Yu-jin, who advanced to the third round with a wild card, also advanced to the semifinals by beating Lim Kang-sung by making a legendary stage with a high-pitched voice.

It was the 9th episode of “Voice King,” which was full of legendary stages that transcended genres such as rock, dance, ballad, trot, and vocal music. The spectacular stage and unpredictable performances have left viewers unable to take their eyes off. In the trailer of the 10th episode, which was released at the end of the broadcast, more shocking and surprising duet competition was drawn, attention is being paid to how far the “voice king” craze will continue.

Meanwhile, MBN’s “Voice King” airs every Tuesday night at 9:50 p.m.

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

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