WEi “New song ‘Bye Bye Bye’ will be a song that we will know

Group WEi showed confidence in their new song ‘Bye Bye Bye’.

WEi (Jang Dae-hyun, Kim Dong-han, Yoo Yong-ha, Kim Yo-han, Kang Seok-hwa, Kim Jun-seo) opened an online showcase to commemorate the release of their third mini-album ‘IDENTITY: Action’ on the YouTube channel at 4 pm on the 9th and released a new song.

On this day, Kang Seok-hwa said about the title song ‘Bye Bye Bye’, “It has the meaning of leaving behind useless worries. There are a lot of lyrics about leaving, so I tried to sing it coolly according to the sound of the band.” He continued, “When I received the guide, it felt rough and powerful, so I was worried about whether I could digest it, but after monitoring the song I sang, I thought, ‘We I thought that it would be a song that could inform the public.”

We could also hear the choreography point of ‘Bye Bye Bye’. Kim Dong-han said, “Since the state is the state, there are no festivals. I want you to see them running and playing on stage with the idea of enjoying the festival as a point.”

On the other hand, the title song ‘BYE BYE BYE’ is a song with a refreshing and cool beat and an addictive hook melody. Jang Dae-hyun, Yoo Yong-ha, and Kim Yo-han participated in the rap making to enhance the song’s perfection. Released today at 6pm.

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today]

WEi. Photo courtesy of We Entertainment

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