‘Yoo Quiz’ Director’s World Special, Starring Kim Se-hoon, Lee Jong-pil, Yoon Seong-won, Kim Ga-ram

“Yoo Quiz on the Block” will present a special feature of “The World of Directors.”

In “Yoo Quiz on the Block (directed by Kim Min-seok, Park Geun-hyung, writer Lee Eon-joo),” which will air on the 9th, people will travel to Behind the Scene with those who coordinate everything that happens outside the screen. Music video director Kim Se-hoon, film director Lee Jong-pil, video producer Yoon Sung-won, and producer Kim Ga-ram, a travel program, will appear to talk about the job of director, various experiences, and the philosophy of life learned in it.

Director Kim Se-hoon, who created a movie-like music video, is considered a legend in the music video industry. For the first time in Korea, it has led to a music video sensation by attempting a new story method called “drama tightness.” You share stories behind the production of blockbuster music videos such as Cho Sung-mo’s “To Heaven,” “Do you know,” “The Thorn Tree” and position “I Love You” to give fun. His chemistry with Yoo Jae-seok, an alumni of the university, is also expected to burst into laughter.

Lee Jong-pil, who awared Baeksang Arts Awards with ‘Samjin Company English Class’ appeared on the show. He wakes up at 4 a.m. every day for a perfect cut, and he is surprised to discover that he has not only passion and responsibility as a director but also starred in many films, including the role of a detective in the movie “The Man from Nowhere.” The role created by referring to baby baby Cho Se-ho in the “Samjin Company English Class” is revealed, raising questions by saying that the scene was made into a sea of laughter.

Director Yoon Sung-won, a video planner with a total of 400 million views, is producing a video that looks at the world from the eyes of children. Having 2.51 million subscribers with video contents such as “What a 9-year-old child who completely cured childhood cancer is saying to a 7-year-old patient,” “Pretending not to know singer IU” and “What a Korean child says when he meets an American child,” he confides in how he plans the video.

He will also have time to get to know producer Kim Ga-ram, dubbed the founder of a domestic travel program, by walking into the world. As a producer of a popular program that three generations of producers need to build virtue, I will introduce a full story of production that has never been revealed anywhere. He confesses his work environment in which he struggles alone from booking flight tickets to filming drones and scripts, and also vividly conveys various unpredictable episodes at the filming location, which are expected to draw interest.

Producer Park Geun-hyung, who is in charge of directing, said, “Today’s 110th episode, we will have a talk relay with producers who are active in various fields.” “The sincerity of those who agonize over the completeness of the work and put their hearts into each scene will leave a fresh smile and a different afterglow.”

tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block” airs every Wednesday evening at 8:40 p.m.

[Sung Jeong-eun, Star Today reporter]

Photo courtesy of tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’
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