‘Afternoon Hope’ Red Velvet Joy revealed #Hello #Wendy #Park Myung-soo

Group Red Velvet member Joy showed off her refreshing charm.

Joy, who made a comeback with her first solo album ‘Hello’, appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon Hope, This is Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’), which was broadcast on the 10th.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young introduced Joy by saying, “The tone fairy, the human vitamin has arrived. Didn’t it top the music charts? Congrats,” she said, talking about the new song. Joy said, “I didn’t expect to win first place. Music charts these days are very difficult. I prepared very hard,” he said. Kim Shin-young asked, “Who recognized you first?” Joy said, “It’s Wendy’s older sister. Wendy is truly an angel. Every time I schedule, I tell you a review one by one. After it’s over, a long text message has arrived.”

Kim Shin-young said, “It was the same when I was promoting as an aunt. Wendy is truly an angel,” she added, praising Wendy.

Then Joy said to Wendy, “My dear Wendy. I think I’m going to cry again, but I’m so thankful that you always took care of me, who is mentally weaker than anyone else in this promotion. I’m not good at expressing myself, but I love you.”

After that, Joy sang the song ‘Every Time’ in the album, showing the side of a tone fairy. Kim Shin-young did not spare praise for Joy’s new song. Kim Shin-young said, “I heard the song and it reminded me of my 20s. Joey did a really good job. Didn’t it take first place on the music charts?” and praised Joy. Joy said, “‘Hello’ is really hard physically. You have to sing with more energy than usual, and if you do, you will be exhausted. It is really difficult because there is no rest period. It’s very difficult to live,” she confessed about her difficulties with the new song. Afterwards, Joy confessed, “Sometimes it’s hard to see how well I’m doing.”

Kim Shin-young said, “Joy is said to be a master of selfies, so please tell me how to take pictures in a hip way.” Joy said, “I prefer whoever takes the picture. Fans make fun of me for not being able to take selfies.”

When Kim Shin-young asked, “Isn’t Park Myung-soo good at taking pictures?” Joy answered, “That’s right. Park Myung-soo filmed it well. He was annoyed and filmed well.”

Kim Shin-young asked, “What kind of pose does Park Myung-soo like?” Joy said, “I like natural poses. I hate pretending to be pretty. And just take a picture Photos come out well when they are just being taken.”

Lastly, Joy heralded Red Velvet’s comeback. Joy surprised Kim Shin-young by announcing that Red Velvet’s new song would be released in August. Afterwards, Joy said, “Thank you for listening to and loving my first solo album a lot.”

Meanwhile, Joy released a special album ‘Hello’ on the 31st of last month. ‘Hello’ is a remake of the famous songs loved in the 90’s and early 2000’s to suit Joy’s personality.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

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