Ahn Hyun-mo and Rhymer shared a photo of daily life… “I’m obsessed with golf”

Ahn Hyun-mo, an interpreter, spent a leisurely time at the screen golf course with her husband Rhymer.

On the 10th, Ahn Hyun-mo posted on her Instagram, “My husband, who said he doesn’t play golf, will fall for golf overnight. Thanks to this, I also started counting my score for the first time in 20 years.”

In the photo, Ahn Hyun-mo and Rhymer couple looked at each other and smiled happily. In particular, the black cap hat worn by the couple harmoniously matched the background of the screen golf course.

Meanwhile, Ahn Hyun-mo appeared on Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Gold class’ on the 30th of last month.

[Ha Seobin, Star Today intern reporter]

photo | Hyunmo Ahn’s Instagram

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