Hwang Shin-young, “It is difficult to name one son and two daughters at once” among the naming of the triplets

Comedian Hwang Shin-young is considering about the names of her triplets.

Hwang Shin-young posted on Instagram on the 10th, “I’m naming my triplets right now, but it’s very difficult.”

Then, she confessed her worries, “It’s really difficult to name the name of the place to go to, or whether to go into the app and build it.”

She continued, “My parents gave me all the names. I was walking down the street and the building with ‘Shinyoung Securities’ written on it was the largest, and my mother’s favorite bean sprouts, ‘Shinyoung Bean Sprouts’, were the longest. It is said that he built it with that,” she said, bringing laughter to the public as he shared the story behind her name.

Meanwhile, Hwang Shin-young got married in 2017 and is currently pregnant with triplets.

[Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

photo| Hwang Shin-young SNS
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