‘Midnight’ confirmed for simultaneous release in TV and theater on the 30th


‘Midnight’ confirmed the release on June 30 and released the main poster for the first time.

‘Midnight’, an extremely muted chase thriller, will be released on June 30, in which deaf ‘Kyung-mi (Jin Ki-joo)’, who witnessed a midnight murder, becomes a new target for the two-faced serial killer ‘Do-sik (Wi Ha-jun)’. Simultaneous release is confirmed at the TV show and the theater, and the main poster is released for the first time, raising expectations even more.

The released main poster catches the eye with the appearance of the two characters facing each other, and the blue color reminiscent of ‘Midnight’ makes viewers feel cool. Jin Ki-joo, who was portrayed as ‘Kyung-mi’, is staring at somewhere with an anxious and fearful expression, while Wi Ha-joon, who is portrayed as ‘Do-sik’, throws eerie gazes and contrasts, stimulating curiosity.

Here, the copy, “Becoming a target of a serial killer who cannot be heard,” conveys the birth of their unique thriller, and adds to the expectation as it foretells that they will provide extreme tension through a fierce chase.

‘Midnight’ will be released on June 30th at the same time as TVING and theaters.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

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