‘Radio Star’ Cha Ji-yeon expressed her love of her husband “The only person who protected me in this world”

Actress Cha Ji-yeon showed her affection for her husband.

MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star,” which aired on the 9th, featured Kim Bo-yeon, Kim Eung-soo, Cha Ji-yeon and Lee Ho-chul as guests for “Noona is so pretty.”

On this day, MC Kim Kuk-jin wondered, “Cha Ji-yeon, who has been married for seven years, says her heart aches every day because of her husband.”

Cha Ji-yeon said, “I will marry this person even if I am born again.
I’ve never lived so happily in my 40 years. I’ve never felt so happy about life. They love me so much. I can feel it in my heart. “If I hadn’t met him, I would have been so grateful.”

When Kim Gu-ra asked what the story was, Cha Ji-yeon said to Kim Gu-ra, “No one protected me. “Only one person, my husband, protected me,” she said with tears in her eyes, expressing her affection for her husband.

Cha Ji-yeon then said, “It was really hard to have a baby. After a hard time, I think we’ve become a perfect team. There’s a little thing, but I get cold easily. The child pulled down and closed the window in the car, and the husband said the mother had to pull down the window because she was very cold. A mother should be protected by a father and a son.
“My dad says my mom is the first one.”

Kim Gu-ra said, “How can you say that the child has lowered the window?” and destroyed the emotion, drawing laughter. Yoo Se-yoon also shook a lot of dust, saying, “Did I get off?”

Cha Ji-yeon married musical actress Yoon Eun-chae, who is four years younger than her, in 2015 and has a son.

[Reporter Jae-eun Kim, Star Today intern]

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