Stray Kids “The final victory in ‘Kingdom’, we wanted to leave a legend” [Q&A]

Stray Kids. Provided by JYP Entertainment

The group Stray Kids finished their 100-day long journey as they ascended to the final throne of Mnet’s ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ (hereinafter ‘Kingdom’).

Including the first face-to-face benefit, Stray Kids maintained the first place in the expert evaluation, self-evaluation, video view count evaluation, and global evaluation score of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd contests. As a result of the summation of evaluations, he ranked first and took the trophy for the ‘Kingdom’ championship.

Stray Kids, who have proven the modifier of ‘K-Performance Master’ by actively generating ideas for concept and composition, as well as writing lyrics, composing, and arranging for each stage, show a narrative of limitless growth through a stage prepared by collecting big drops of sweat and tears. did.

The new song ‘WOLFGANG’ in the final contest immediately after its release was listed in the Apple Music Song Chart TOP 10 in 28 regions around the world and the iTunes Song Chart in the TOP 10 in 13 Regions, confirming explosive global support. On the latest Billboard charts, it ranks on the ‘Billboard Global 200 (excluding the US)’ and ‘World Digital Song Sales’ charts, continuing its undying popularity.

<Interview with Stray Kids>

Q. How do you feel about winning ‘Kingdom’?

Bang Chan: I worked hard to show a good stage in ‘Kingdom’, but I got a good result of winning, so I really want to say thank you to so many people, especially STAY (fandom name). I think it is an award given to me to work harder with the members, and I will continue to show a lot of good things with a humble heart.

Seungmin: It was an honorable opportunity just to be able to learn while performing and watching in front of wonderful seniors and juniors, and I am so grateful to our members and Stay for such a good result. I think we will continue to work hard in the future so that we can meet the expectations of many people.

I.N: I am so happy and proud. All this is thanks to our stay. I am very happy to be doing this again with Stay.

Q. When you decided to appear in ‘Kingdom’, what kind of image of Stray Kids did you want to show to the public, including K-pop fans around the world, and did you have any goals?

Reno: We wanted to show a lot of people what kind of music we want to make and what kind of performance we express that music.

Changbin: When I went to ‘Kingdom’, I wanted to leave a legendary stage unique to Stray Kids that will last a long time. Also, as a singer, I wanted to show a wide spectrum and unlimited performance.

Han: When I decided to appear in ‘Kingdom’, I thought that we wanted to imprint on the viewers what kind of music and stage we were in. Also, since it is a broadcast with many seniors and juniors, I think I was half nervous and half excited because I thought there was a lot to learn.

Q. From the face-to-face ceremony to the final contest, please explain the most memorable stage and why.

Reno: This is a face-to-face stage. I remember being nervous and nervous because it was the first stage to announce us.

Felix: The face-to-face meeting is the most memorable. Because it was the first stage on ‘Kingdom’ and the precious first place that Stay gave, that moment remains deep in my heart.

Seungmin: I think it must be a face-to-face ceremony! We performed with all the teams watching. It was a stage that I performed in front of the audience in a very long time, and I was very nervous because it was the first stage of ‘Kingdom’, but I remember our members who came down and did a great job.

Q. At every contest, you captured the attention of domestic and foreign fans with a stage filled with brilliant ideas and wit. I’m curious where you mostly got your inspiration from.

Bang Chan: Each contest had a different theme. We thought a lot about how we could melt the stage we wanted to do and the message we wanted to convey according to the theme. We decided on one theme or concept and prepared the stage based on it.

Changbin: I was inspired by a lot of content, including movies, music, and dance competitions. Also, I think I effectively realized the ideas I got through endless brainstorming and sharing opinions on stage.

Han: Starting from the thought of what kind of image the team called Stray Kids should show, and imagining various pictures, ideas seem to come naturally. Representative performances are ‘Wolf Flock’ and the second contest ‘I’ll Be Your Man’.

Q. You came up with various ideas for performance composition such as props, styling, and overall concept. If we were to say, ‘Even if we think about it, this is really clever’?

Reno: I think the stage 2nd round of the 3rd contest, which matched ‘God Menu’ (New Menu) and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, was the most ingenious.

Felix: I think the special staged that mixed ‘God’s Menu’ and ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ is the best performances we’ve shown on Kingdom. I think it may have been configured.

I.N: The performance, that Felix mentioned, was presented as a homage to the movie ‘Deadpool’, was ingenious and I think it was really fun while performing.

Q. You borrowed the movie ‘Deadpool’ from the opening stage of ‘God’s Menu x Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ in the 2nd round of the 3rd contest, and Ryan Reynolds, the lead actor, directly mentioned it and gathered a lot of attention. Bang Chan, who is usually known as a fan of Ryan Reynolds, must have been more impressed. How was it or is there any news?

Bang Chan: Actually, I still can’t believe it! Not only Ryan Reynolds but also Hugh Jackman mentioned our Stray Kids, and it seems like they are still dreaming. I am eagerly waiting for the Deadpool mask that Ryan Reynolds promised to send. After receiving it, I plan to post a photo of it as well!

Q. A lot of things must have happened during the 100-day long journey. If there is an episode that you remember the most or that has never been told anywhere, please let me know.

Han: The 3rd contest is the most memorable. I really wanted to try a rap unit, so I shared a lot of opinions with the production team, and the whole process of teaming up with other singers to create a great stage was really fun and happy. And everyone was so passionate about music, so I got a lot of motivation to work even harder!

Felix: Before the final live broadcast, I gave my seniors and juniors a cookie I made myself! As much as I received a lot of love while doing the program, I wanted to repay you, and it contains the heart of cheering for everyone to fight together on the last stage.

I.N: This is an episode that occurred while preparing the stage for the 2nd contest ‘I’ll Be Your Man’. I share a room with Han, and we both slept with 3 humidifiers on because we wanted to get the best neck condition. But the next day, the room was so damp that I remember struggling to remove the moisture! (laugh)

Q. The close relationship with the senior-junior groups that you appeared with stood out. In particular, at the time of the production presentation, he picked BTOB as the senior he wanted to learn and resemble the most. I am curious what you have learned and felt through them.

Bang Chan: I was really impressed with how relaxed he was on stage and how professional he always looked in any filming. Thank you for taking such good care of us and for teaching us so many things.

Changbin: I felt a lot while watching every moment of the senior group that I liked the most and thought was the coolest. Not only the stage, but also the skill of a singer with 10 years of experience, and the steady passion for music and stage.

Felix: When I’m on stage, I tend to pay a lot of attention to performance. After watching BTOB’s performance, I was able to broaden my mindset and realize that performance isn’t everything. I thought that a stage with a good overall picture, composition, and idea would be memorable!

Q. What do you feel you have grown as a team through ‘Kingdom’? Also, pick the member you think has grown the most and tell us why.

Bang Chan: Actually, I think I still lack a lot, but I think I’ve grown a lot through ‘Kingdom’. I think I gained a lot of space on stage by helping each other and exchanging feedback between various sets and difficult movements. I would like to say that all Stray Kids members are the members who have grown the most in dance, singing, leisure, etc.

Reno: I think the most growing part as a team is that the tension on the stage has turned into excitement. Personally, I think Seungmin has grown a lot. The fans also talked about it a lot, but vocally, I became very reliable.

Changbin: I have gained confidence as a team and I think I have more leeway as I successfully performed the contest process where I had to show complicated and difficult movements and performances on just one stage. I think the individual’s abilities have also improved a lot. In particular, I think Seungmin’s vocals have grown noticeably enough to show off to many people.

Q. Through ‘Kingdom’, you definitely made a mark with Stray Kids with ‘Spicy’ and ‘Mara Flavor’. What if you introduce a different charm by saying, “We also have this taste”?

Han: There are a lot of very lyrical songs, so I want to listen to them! If you listen to songs such as ‘Even a fool knows’ and ‘Crazy Guy (Ex)’, you will be able to experience a completely different color and stage from what we have seen so far.

Seungmin: I think it might be ‘sour taste’! I think I got a thrilling feeling whenever I saw a stage where the members could show off their individual abilities. I hope that many people will feel the thrilling sour taste while watching our stage!

I.N: We have a very cute and cute side, so we want to show that there is also ‘sweetness’!

Q. Among Stray Kids’ songs that were not shown in ‘Kingdom’, is there a song you want to show (or hear) to fans and the public? If you were to compete again, which song would you like to choose?

Changbin: I want to choose a song called ‘Hellevator’ that introduced Stray Kids to the world for the first time.

Han: Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to show ‘Back Door’ in ‘Kingdom’. If I go to the contest again, I want to decorate Stray Kids’ unique and cool stage with ‘Back Door’!

Seungmin: I couldn’t show my pre-debut song ‘Hellevator’ in ‘Kingdom’, but I want to show it to you one day!

Q. What did you do after ‘Kingdom’ ended? If you went on vacation, I wonder how you spent your time. Is there anything in particular you want to do?

Reno: I went to my hometown and spent time with the cats! I want to go to Jeju Island too.

Felix: After ‘Kingdom’, I took a break and listened to music while riding a bike after a long time. The weather is getting warmer little by little, but I want to spend time with the members at the campsite just like the vacation I had in ‘Kingdom’!

I.N: After finishing ‘Kingdom’, I ate delicious food at home and spent the day watching TV. After all, the house is the best!

Q. What kind of program will ‘Kingdom’ be remembered by Stray Kids? Please tell us about the meaning of ‘Kingdom’ to Stray Kids.

Bang Chan: Since our debut, we have been writing our own Stray Kids stories. ‘Kingdom’ seems to be a special moment that will surely be remembered in our adventure. This is a program that made Stray Kids feel like a very important stepping stone for further growth and made them want to work harder in the future.

Seungmin: I think ‘Kingdom’ is a program that made us look back from a broader perspective and think about the future once again. It was a great opportunity to properly inform the public that we are a group like this, and I am very happy to see that our members have grown even more after hard work.

I.N: I was able to win 1st place thanks to Stay, so I think it was an opportunity to feel the preciousness of Stay once again. And it seems to have been an opportunity for the members to develop further, so I think it will remain as a really good memory.

Q. What would you like to say to the fans around the world who gave you great support and support throughout the program?

Bang Chan: I think all of this is thanks to STAY. I think it’s a result you can never achieve alone. As it is a valuable result obtained with Stay, we will do our best to give more gifts to Stay and a good figure in the future.

Reno: Thank you, Stay. We hope that you will gain a lot of strength through our stage. We also got a lot of strength from Stay in ‘Kingdom’.

Changbin: Thank you very much for sending so much interest, love, and support. It was a mentally and physically difficult competition, but thanks to Stay, I always gained a lot of strength and I think I was able to enjoy it again. Stray Kids Everywhere All Around the World.

Han: Thank you very much. Actually, I was a little afraid of what to do if I disappoint the fans or what to do if I left a disappointing stage, but rather, our stay united and comforted and patted us. I think that the support, energy and love you have given us throughout the 100-day journey has made such a good result. Thank you so much. We will become Stray Kids who work harder and develop in the future!

Felix: Stay! Thank you so much for supporting us till the end. I want to meet Stay as soon as possible, and I want to express my gratitude through the stage. Please wait a little longer until the opportunity comes!

Seungmin: The reason we were able to successfully perform each stage that we worked so hard for together with faith is thanks to our STAY, who worked hard day and night. I prepared a stage with a new style that I had never shown before, and I think I only thought about how Stay would view this stage while preparing! You are the reason we do the stage. Thank you so much really!

I.N: Our stay is so precious and I am so grateful. I’ll work harder. Thank you very much and thank you again.

Q. Stray Kids, who have become ‘King of the Kingdom’, I am curious about your future plans.

Reno: Winning the championship won’t change much. We will continue to communicate with STAY as we do now and continue to perform the music and stage we want to do.

Han: I want to find something that no one else has been able to do, something that only Stray Kids can do, and I want to show it to the public and many K-pop fans! Thank you for your interest and love in the future!

Seungmin: I want to become a group that can give many people emotion and excitement through music by sticking together like now. Since we want to show a lot of our developed side, we want to come back to Stay with a new album as soon as possible.

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Star Today]

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