YG, top office building by stars… “Estimated price of about 180 billion won”

YG Entertainment was ranked No. 1 in the company building market price list by stars.

On Mnet’s “TMI News,” which aired on the 9th, the list of “stars uploaded, tens of billions of agency buildings BEST14” was released.

YG Entertainment’s new YG Entertainment building, which includes YG Entertainment, G-Dragon, Big Bang, BLACKPINK, WINNER, and iKON, was built using a total of 77.6 billion won in 2011 with a land purchase cost of 6,000 pyeong and 41.683 billion won. “The current market price is about 180 billion won,” said a real estate expert.

Second place is SM Entertainment. A total of three offices owned by CEO Lee Soo-man are located in Samseong-dong, Cheongdam-dong, and Apgujeong. It is known that Samsung-dong office building is a leased building with deposit of 3.6 billion won and monthly rent of 300 million won. The building purchase price of Cheongdam-dong office building in 2015 was 23 billion won, and the current market price is known to be about 30 billion won. Apgujeong office building is known to have a purchase price of 2 billion won in 1999, and its current value is 50 billion won.

The 3rd place is Rain Company. Rain’s agency Rain Company’s Cheongdam-dong office spent a total of 23.8 billion won, with 16.8 billion won in land purchase costs and 7 billion won in construction costs. Current market price is estimated at $46.8 billion (46.8 billion KRW).

4th place is JYP Entertainment. JYP, which belongs to TWICE and ITZY, moved from its old building in Cheongdam-dong to its new building in Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, in 2018. The purchase price of the new building is 20.2 billion won and the remodeling cost of the 13-story building is 9.439 billion won, and the current market price is estimated at 36 billion won.

5th place is Hook Entertainment. Hook Entertainment’s Cheongdam-dong office building, which includes Lee Sun-hee, Yoon Yo-jung and Lee Seo-jin, was purchased for 13.8 billion won in 2015, and the current market price is estimated to be 24 billion won.

The 6th place is RBW Entertainment. The office building in Jayang-dong, RBW Entertainment, which was founded by composers Kim Do-hoon and Kim Jin-woo and belongs to Mamamoo, was purchased for 17 billion won last year. The market price is estimated at 21 billion won.

7th place is FNC Entertainment. FNC Entertainment’s office building, which includes FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA, N.Flying, and SF9, was purchased for about 8 billion won in 2011. Current market price is estimated to be about $20 billion (20 billion KRW).

8th place is DSP Media. The company building in Nonhyeon-dong was purchased for 5.8 billion won in 2013, and the current market price is estimated to be about 19 billion won.

9th place is P NATION. P NATION, represented by Psy, purchased buildings and houses in Nonhyeon-dong and raised its office building. Total cost of $9.975 billion was used. The current market price of the office building is estimated at 18 billion won.

10th place is Hive. BTS agency Hive is currently located in a large building in Yongsan. Hive is known to have guaranteed 17.144.87 billion won and monthly rent of 1.7 billion won.

Brave Girls’ agency Brave Entertainment ranked 11th, BH Entertainment ranked 12th with Lee Byung-hun, YESIM Entertainment, Lim Chang-jung’s agency, and Connect Entertainment, established 14th with Kang Daniel.

[Shin Young-eun, Star Today reporter]

PhotoㅣMnet broadcast screen capture

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