‘Youth of May’ Lee Do-hyun “I want to be a trustworthy actor…I could film this drama thanks to Ko Min-si”

Actor Lee Do-hyun has jumped from “Youth of May” to a trusted and watched actor, exerting the power of “Next Generation Melo king.”

KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Youth of May” (playwright Lee Kang, director Song Min-yeop, and production story hunter) gained popularity on the 8th.

Lee Do-hyun successfully completed his first melodramatic challenge in 1980 in “Youth of May,” portraying a sad love story for a woman who had never been able to achieve by breaking down reality with his whole body.

Lee Do-hyun tickled viewers’ hearts with his sweet eyes, warm voice, and whispering guitar performance, convincingly portraying Hee-tae’s firm and strong side, leading to a reasonable favorable performance in the small screen.

In response, I listened to Lee Do-hyun’s story, who took the first step of authentic melodramatic acting in a good mood, proving his dazzling presence through “Youth of May.”

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Q ‘Youth of May’ has come to an end. It summoned viewers to the 80s and received favorable reviews from viewers for its romance between affection and sorrow. How do you feel about ending the show?

First of all, I’m glad the shooting ended well. While preparing for the shoot, I was very grateful to the directors, writers, filming staff, and actors for helping me enter the work and role until the end. It was such an honor to work with them.

To Q Lee Do-hyun, “Youth of May” was the first terrestrial lead and authentic melodrama challenge, so he said he worked harder on the responsibility of the first broadcast. I wonder if there were any happiest, hardest, and new things you gained through this work.

The happiest and most difficult thing was to play a boy who seemed to have existed in the 1980s. So whenever I thought about something while preparing and filming my work, I first thought, “What did I do in the 1980s?”

The newly acquired part is in line with the same. It has been newly introduced that “when it comes to the heart that expresses love, it is the same as before and now.” I thought, “Just because the times and environment are different doesn’t mean everything is different.”

In “Youth of May,” Hee-tae is a pure love character who tries to protect his love and conviction even in the harsh reality. What was the most important part and memorable scene for the role of Hwang Hee-tae?

The most important part was how to show a greater difference between the attitude when dealing with Myung-hee and the attitude when dealing with others.

All the memorable scenes are memorable, but if you pick one, it’s time to fall off the crossroads with Myung-hee at the end. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t let go of my hand at that time, and I’m very moved because it’s a very affectionate and sad scene.

Q In “Youth of May,” there were many scenes with various characters. I wonder how you and Ko Min-si worked together, and how you worked with your father Oh Man-seok and father Oh Man-seok. Any other memorable episode from the shooting site?

I think I was able to act comfortably in the field thanks to the actor. We are the same age, and we have worked together before, so we could talk deeper and more comfortably when talking about scenes.

It was such an honor to work with Oh Man-seok. He’s a senior that I respect and like a lot, but it was so nice to be able to act with him. I think he controls the atmosphere of the scene, but when he starts filming, he acts scary and sharp, but when he cuts, he makes the atmosphere fun and friendly, so I don’t have to act, I just trust him and follow him.

Q You have won many titles, including “Melo king” and “Chameleon”. Is there any modifier you want to hear in the future?

Thank you for loving and remembering Lee Do-hyun, but I’m so touched that you put such a good modifier. There’s a modifier I want to hear for the rest of my life. An actor who you can trust and watch. If Lee Do-hyun does a work, I want to work harder and become a good actor so that the word “I should see it.”

Q. To Lee Do-hyun, What is the meaning of Youth of May? And how do you think Hee Tae will be remembered?

“Youth of May” is a work that made me think that “there is no age in youth.” It made me think, “Isn’t this moment youth for everyone, old or young?”

Hee-tae seems to come to mind whenever I have a hard time. ‘You’re doing great, and you’re doing great. And I can do better.’ This is the role that gave me the message.

Q You recently won the Rookie of the Year award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. Tell me how you feel about winning the award and what kind of actor you want to be.

The reason why it was even more meaningful to me was that I won the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, starting with the 57th generation of Chung-Ang University’s drama major, which made me dream of becoming an actor.

I want to be a “trusted actor” and become an actor Lee Do-hyun who gives me strength in my life after seeing my acting and work.

Q. Lastly, say something to viewers and fans who loved the drama. What are your future plans?

Thank you so much to those who loved “Youth. I was so encouraged to know that you would be immersed in it, supporting me, scolding me, and being sad. Whenever I was tired, I tried to film and immerse myself more, thinking about your stories.

Viewers also think there can be a lot of hardships and trials. Whenever that happens, I hope you can spread your wings and fly around, thinking about May’s Youth as Myoung-hee’s father said.

In the future, I will visit you again as a good human and good actor Lee Do-hyun, who has the ability to develop and immerse himself. Once again, thank you so much for loving ‘Youth of May’.

[Yang So-young, Star Today reporter]

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